Conversion optimization turns browsers into buyers.

We give you the tools to make the most of your site traffic.

Product reviews.

User reviews build trust, and that trust increases conversion by more than 39%. We built product reviews in, with no extra costs or add-ons required. We even automatically email buyers a few days after purchase to ask for a product review. So all you have to do is kick back and enjoy higher conversion and search rankings.

Single-page checkout.

Bigcommerce lets you streamline the checkout process into a single page, improving your customer experience and giving you a conversion bump of up to 21%.

Social sharing.

Customers can easily share your products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. They’ll look cool for sharing your snazzy merchandise, and you’ll get tons of free traffic to your site.


Our recommendation engine automatically suggests relevant products to a customer based on their shopping items, giving you extra sales with no extra work.

Mobile commerce.

Your Bigcommerce mobile store offers more than just browsing and buying — it’s a fast, intuitive, fully functioning experience that works on all devices with nothing to install.

Abandoned cart saver.

Our abandoned cart saver sends a series of emails to shoppers who left before checkout, encouraging them to come back. The result? An average of 15% of abandoned carts are converted to sales. And a detailed report shows you just how well it’s working.

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Promotions & coupons.

Our promotion tools help create urgency, increase awareness and drive purchases. From simple sales to dynamic pricing rules that offer discounts for certain order amounts or customers, Bigcommerce makes it all possible.

  • Trackable coupon codes
  • Time-limited promotional campaigns
  • Gift certificates and wrapping
  • Multi-tiered pricing with bulk discount rules
  • Free or discounted shipping
  • Customer groups with pricing rules
  • Rule-based promotions like buy 2, get 1 free
  • Put products on sale and display discount against RRP
  • Minimum quantity purchasing
  • Flexible catalog display (buy online, call for quote, catalog only)

But wait, there’s more.

  • Side-by-side product comparisons
  • Product search
  • Public and private wish lists
  • Recently viewed products history
  • Third-party live chat integration