Reliable ecommerce hosting, bank vault security.

Enterprise-level security measures protect you and your customers.

Everything you need.

Bigcommerce is a true all-in-one ecommerce platform, giving you a securely hosted website, domain name, shopping cart, product catalog, CRM, marketing tools, reporting and mobile-optimized store.

No installation required.

You know how Facebook, Gmail and all your other favorite software just works? Your Bigcommerce store does, too. We automatically update it with new features so you can focus on selling.

Your store, your domain name.

If you have your own domain name (e.g., you can use it with Bigcommerce. If not, choose a new one and we'll hook it up to your store automatically.

Built for massive traffic.

Bigcommerce can handle huge, consistent traffic without breaking a sweat, so we have you covered no matter how big and successful your business becomes.

Bank vault security.

Your store is hosted on our lightning-fast SAS 70 Type II certified servers. Our data center employs hacker deterrent security provisioning, three redundant network architectures and hardware firewalls.

Level 1 PCI compliance protects your store from hackers.

All Bigcommerce stores are automatically PCI compliant, and our entire network is independently audited against stringent PCI security standards every three months. We're proud to be featured on both Visa and Mastercard's lists of PCI-compliant providers.

High average uptime.

It's hard to put your best foot forward if your store's down. Our uptime is well above industry average, which ensures your store will be available when shoppers want to buy.

Content delivery network.

The Bigcommerce CDN dramatically decreases page load times by distributing files to servers all over the world, meaning you’ll have happier customers, better search rankings and more sales — no matter where your shoppers are.

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SSL certificates.

So your customers can purchase with confidence, your store's checkout is automatically secured with high-grade encryption via SSL. Additionally, select Bigcommerce plans allow you to install your own SSL certificate, enabling your store's checkout to be hosted at your own domain name.

24x7x365 monitoring.

As well as a dedicated security team that monitors your store every second, you get unlimited access to our world-class support team. True story: they're consistently rated higher than 95% on customer satisfaction. Whether via phone, email, live chat, Facebook or Twitter, they’re here for you.

Staff access control.

You can easily assign each of your employees their own store login, with fine-grained control over permissions. So you can give them access to process orders, for example, but not to add products. You can even see a history of every action taken by each staff member.