Showcase your products on Instagram

Use your product catalog to tag products in your Instagram posts. Coming later this year — sign up for notifications.

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Market to more than 600 million active Instagram users

BigCommerce will be one of first ecommerce platforms to integrate with Instagram. That will allow you to grow your reach by effortlessly marketing your products in Instagram posts. 

Connect your catalog to Instagram

Build shoppable photos from your products by sending your entire catalog to Instagram with a few clicks from the BigCommerce Channel Manager. 

Showcase products in your posts

Up to five products and their prices may be featured in any photo; clicking on a tag opens a detailed product view and description.

Drive shoppers to your store

From the product details view, shoppers can click a “Shop now” link to go right to your site and purchase  the product.

Get the latest on our new Instagram integration

Beta testing is scheduled to begin soon. Sign up for news on the integration, testing invitations and more.

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