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This Month’s Featured Episodes

Episode 7

Surveying Consumer Spending Trends with PayPal

One year after the pandemic, the way consumers shop has massively changed. BigCommerce and PayPal surveyed 3,000 consumers in our 2021 Consumer Spending Trends Report to better understand how and where today’s consumers are spending. PayPal SVP Dan Leberman joins the Make it Big Podcast to dissect the data and help you understand where consumers are shopping, which channels they prefer, how they opt to pay and more. From digital wallets and QR codes, to Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) and Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS), we cover the latest emerging spending trends so you can better understand your customers now — and in the future.

Headshot Dan Leberman Make It Big Conference

Headshot Brent Bellm Domm Holland Make It Big Conference
Episode 8

Optimizing Checkout for a Frictionless User Experience with Fast

In this episode, CEOs from BigCommerce and one-click checkout solution Fast discuss the latest trends in checkout optimization and the role it plays in the larger shopping experience. Brent Bellm and Domm Holland offer expert insights on user experience and digital innovation, along with actionable advice on what makes customers convert. They’ll discuss how payments are transforming the ecommerce landscape, the importance of checkout in creating a frictionless user experience, plus digital innovation and the future of online checkout optimization.

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