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This month’s featured episodes

Episode 3

Enhancing UX through AR and VR

Bring experiences to life with AR and VR. Marc Uible, VP of Marketing and Alliances at Threekit, and Lindsey Scoggins, Founder and CEO of Lindsey Scoggins Studio, discuss how to create out of this world user experiences with the power of augmented and virtual reality. Learn why digital innovation is trending in a post-COVID world and how Lindsey Scoggins Studio is transforming their shoppers’ experiences through personalized products.

Headshot Marc Uible Lindsey Scoggins Make It Big Conference

Headshot Hana Ben Shabat Make It Big Conference
Episode 4

The Gen Z Effect on Culture and Commerce

Gen Z’s impact on commerce and culture is challenging legacy brands to think more creatively and innovate like never before. In this episode, Hana Ben-Shabat, Founder of Gen Z Planet, joins BigCommerce’s Melissa Dixon to discuss Gen Z's defining characteristics and how brands can connect with younger shoppers. Tune in to learn more insights on Gen Z's industry disruption, including what they value in a modern-day shopping experience and how and where you can attract and convert them.

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