On Campus Education Series

Build your confidence and mastery on the BigCommerce platform.

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Unlock the full potential of your ecommerce business on BigCommerce.

We are on a mission to empower new customers with the skills and tribal knowledge to hit the ground running after you launch.

BigCommerce is packed with features that will help you create customized experiences, increase online sales, and streamline your day-to-day operations. But learning an entirely new platform on top of your day job can seem daunting.

Gain proficiency in just a few days to take control of your success.

“Our trainer provided very helpful information based on our business needs rather than just generic responses. Not only that, she was able to provide on-the-fly solutions for our applicable pricing scenarios. This training was educational and extremely helpful.”Karen Gozdeck, Senior IT Business Engagement Manager, Harvard Business Publishing

Skip the learning curve. Become a power user in a few days.

Get hands-on, immersive product training to take control of your success on BigCommerce.

Courses Available

Store Setup and Management

Become a true platform expert and uncover all of the business impact your investment offers. Anyone managing your store can benefit — Marketing, Operations, IT. This comprehensive crash course allows you to skip the DIY documentation taking you through front end design, store configuration, product creation, order management and more.

When should I take the course?

We recommend you take the course prior to or very soon after your store’s launch on BigCommerce. The knowledge gained will save you countless hours as you begin to manage your store, allowing you to focus on driving revenue.

What's the investment?

The cost for a group session is significantly reduced from our on-site education. The one-time fee is $2,000 per person. It includes:

  • Group Training
  • Facetime with L&D, Pro Services and technical experts
  • Breakfast and lunch daily
  • 1 group dinner

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Developer Certification

Master BigCommerce design and API environments quickly with four day courses: Storefront API, Server to Server Cart /Checkout/Payments, Catalog API, and Stencil CLI. Our highly-extensible SaaS platform offers developers a world of possibilities with enterprise-class integrations, flexible APIs and webhooks. Learn how to solve a merchant's business needs for storefront customization, shipping, inventory, marketing and developing 3rd party applications.

Industry recognized BigCommerce certifications available upon course completion.

Who is this for?

This course is for experienced developers. It’s great for those new to BigCommerce or anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of the platform possibilities.

What's the investment?

Each instructor led session is a one-time fee of $550 per person. This includes the practical and assessment to earn your BigCommerce certification.

  • 1 day of expert, focused training (per course)
  • Facetime with L&D, Pro Services and technical experts

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Our series leader

Brandy Simek is our Senior Training Specialist at BigCommerce. She has been with BigCommerce for 5 years and has the ideal mix of technical platform expertise and ecommerce industry smarts. When she’s not training customers, she is leading technical training for our industry leading support team.

“Brandy was a fabulous trainer and has a very deep knowledge of not only the platform, but all the other details that play into the functionality. I was extremely impressed that she seemed to study our business and know how things would affect our market. This gives me full confidence in the BC team and our relationship moving forward.”