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Case Study: Chocolate for Chocoholics

Chocolate for Chocoholics approached 5874 looking for a someone to support their old, custom built ecommerce platform. The solution was to move them to a custom built BigCommerce site, enabling them to utilize the size and scale of BigCommerce at a fraction of the cost, including Sitewide SSL, Google Trusted Stores integrations and PCI compliance.

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BigCommerce is a Big Deal

BigCommerce is a hosted solution (you don’t need to sign up with a 3rd party hosting provider) that allows you to manage products, orders, blog, and CMS pages with ease. There are countless reasons why BigCommerce is an ideal solution, but there are three key reasons why I like it so much: 1) BigCommerce is Quick and Easy to Use, 2) Products and Categories are Easy to Add, and 3) Apps are Easy to Add.

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Case Study: EyeSave

we rebuilt their entire storefront using BigCommerce. BigCommerce was the best eCommerce platform for this project for several reasons; price point, feature set, and availability of a wide variety of themes to build upon. Using a theme from the BigCommerce wheelhouse as a starting point, we customized it to fit the EyeSave brand and the effort modernized the entire look and feel of their site.

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The Benefits of Using the BigCommerce Platform for an eCommerce Site

BigCommerce is among the most affordable platforms out there, both immediately and long term. First, the startup cost is typically much lower than it is for other platform options like Magento. Looking next at the long-term cost, BigCommerce is extremely cost-efficient throughout the website development process and once the site is live. As a platform, it requires very minimal customization and development.

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The 2016 BigCommerce Review You Better Read Now

The modern eCommerce store industry is filled with various options and programs designed to “increase your sales,” and “protect your brand.” Although many of these digital storefronts provide solid services, few offer the flexibility, simplicity and branding capabilities as BigCommerce.

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Shopify vs BigCommerce vs Magento - The Ultimate Guide

I’m just going to say it right now and on the record (spoiler alert): BigCommerce is my favorite e-commerce platform in existence today. I recommend it to clients more than any other solution...that’s because BigCommerce is superior across the board: value, versatility, ease of use, customer support.

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Case Study: Di Bruno Bros

It was decided early in the process that rich visual imagery was going to be required to convey the quality of the meats and cheeses online, and the Groove Development Team worked closely with BigCommerce to ensure that the file size of these images would not affect page load time.

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