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Minimize friction and create a streamlined checkout process with our optimized one-page checkout. Plus, boost conversions as your customers enjoy a simple and smooth shopping experience.

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Try out our responsive, minimal design

Our simple, intuitive design lets customers comfortably check out on any device, without distractions. Our perpetual cart means shoppers can quickly access and edit items in their cart throughout the checkout process.

Simplify your shipping address entry

To make checkout even easier for your customers, the default country in the drop-down menu is based on their specific IP address, and only includes countries which have been set up in the Shipping Manager. Plus, a shipping method is pre-selected to further streamline the path to purchase.

Ensure safety and security during credit card information entry

When entering their credit card details, text fields are optimally laid out, clearly labeled, and include security icons to instill trust. A customer’s card type is also auto-detected when the credit card number is entered, removing that extra step from the process. Plus, checkout automatically displays the shopper's selected currency.

Guide customers through checkout and account creation, all in one step

To help them save time as they check out, returning customers are sent to the payment step — with their billing and shipping automatically filled. They can even automatically save new addresses to their account. After guest shoppers checkout, the option to create an account is easily available on their Order Confirmation page.

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