BigCommerce vs Shopify

Save up to $20,000 per year with built-in features and no transaction fees

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BigCommerce vs Shopify

Save up to $20,000 per year with built-in features and no transaction fees

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More built-in features, no transaction fees

BigCommerce offers more native ecommerce tools than Shopify without costly add-ons or transaction fees that can cost up to 2% of each sale. Compared to Shopify, BigCommerce merchants are saving roughly $6,000 - $20,000 per year with more out-of-the-box functionality1 — enabling our online retailers to earn 34% more sales on average.2

Built-in features to drive sales

  • Best-in-class SEO for more free traffic
  • Selling on Facebook and Pinterest
  • Selling on eBay and Amazon
  • Streamlined single-page checkout
  • Customer groups & pricing segmentation
  • Advanced coupons and discounting tools

Tools to optimize your business

  • Flexible shipping & real-time quotes
  • Robust product catalog support
  • Powerful built-in analytics
  • Seamless apps & integrations
  • Advanced fraud monitoring
  • Leading payment & POS options

Industry-leading service

  • Unmatched uptime and security
  • 24/7 support via phone, email or chat
  • 90% of issues resolved on the first call
  • Valuable articles and videos 
  • A community forum for expert advice
  • Fair, predictable pricing plans

Beautiful stores that sell more

BigCommerce offers the perfect blend of form and function. Our themes and advanced customization let you create a beautiful, engaging ecommerce store that delivers a superior shopping experience and comes optimized for higher conversion and better search results.

Gorgeous off-the-shelf themes

We offer dozens of free and paid responsive templates that let you quickly building a stunning, mobile-friendly online store that showcases your products.

Unrivaled customization

Our flexible ecommerce platform lets you adapt your theme to match your brand with point-and-click tools, or build a fully custom experience with no need to learn proprietary coding languages. Developers prefer the power and ease-of-use that comes with building custom ecommerce solutions BigCommerce.

Advanced tools, built right in

"We recently re-platformed from Shopify Plus to BigCommerce. I cannot explain how angry I am that for months we have paid Shopify many thousands of dollars for functionality that comes as standard with BigCommerce!"Richard Eib, Founder, Monroe & Kent

Superior catalog support

BigCommerce has a robust catalog system that Shopify can’t match. We support large and complex catalogs, full parent-child category structure, multi-category products, downloadable products, gift certificates, and faceted search — all with no add-ons or hacks required.

Streamlined checkout and leading payment options

Our single-page checkout can increase conversion by over 12%, and includes real-time shipping quotes at no additional cost — saving your business valuable time and money. And while Shopify charges a penalty of up to 2% per sale for not using their payment and POS offerings to process credit cards, we integrate with industry-leading solutions at no extra charge.

Best-in-class search engine optimization

BigCommerce stores rank highly in search results thanks to optimized URL structures, sitewide HTTPS and fast site speeds. Unlike Shopify, we give you full access to customize your metadata and let you optimize for search engines without custom development required.
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Native discounting and segmentation

Built-in discounting lets you seamlessly offer promotions to drive sales, while customer groups allow you to wholesale and reward loyal shoppers. You can’t get either feature on Shopify without paying for third-party apps.


Exceptional support for your business

BigCommerce provides the best support in the industry, 24 hours a day. You’ll also get access to hundreds of articles, videos and guides that will help you learn our platform and grow your sales. Our active community forum lets you talk directly with BigCommerce merchants and staff, plus submit ideas to improve our platform.

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1App subscription range is estimated using the costs of third-party app subscriptions required to provide functionality equivalent to out-of-the-box features on BigCommerce.

2Shopify Average Store Revenue is estimated using Shopify’s publicly reported financial results for Q2, 2016. Shopify’s quarterly GMV of $3.4 billion is divided by its store count of 300,000.