Solange Knowles’ new Saint Heron online store

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Solange Knowles’ new Saint Heron online store

Open your own beautiful, innovative BigCommerce storefront today.

As an extension of her brand, Solange Knowles looked to BigCommerce to transform her online store into a destination for fans and shoppers alike. Now, Saint Heron customers can browse an online store experience in line with the Solange’s personal brand aesthetic and vision. Saint Heron celebrated the opening of the new online store during SXSW at an exclusive music showcase and shopping event on Friday, March 18.

Solange Knowles & the artistry of expansion

Solange Knowles is a modern Renaissance woman: singing, songwriting and now, scaling an independent online store and launching new collections. Her passion for technology and artistry in all aspects of her work is innate, and sets the standard for the industry.

Technology meets artistry

BigCommerce has dozens of beautiful new themes — and we’re just getting started. Each offers the most advanced technology for retailers like Solange Knowles, who partnered with BigCommerce to build Saint Heron’s online store. With our help, Solange’s creative vision has come to life online, and was presented offline at SXSW 2016.

Musically and artistically, it's so important that my projects reach people in the most authentic, personal, beautiful and true-to-me way.Solange Knowles,

Join the conversation and get behind-the-scenes access: #SaintHeronxBigCommerce


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See Solange's innovative new online store.Visit now

See Solange’s innovative new online store.

Visit now