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About the app

Searchspring delivers the ultimate shopping experience. As the #1 search, merchandising, and personalization platform built exclusively for ecommerce, Searchspring enables brands to get the right product, to the right person, at the right time. With Searchspring, BigCommerce customers are increasing cart size, driving more conversions, and gaining repeat customers.

Why Searchspring?

Online shoppers hate visiting a site and not being able to find what they want. They won't convert, they'll jump to a competitor, and never come back.

Searchspring gives you total control over your ecommerce site, so shoppers actually enjoy being there.

Increase cart size, conversions, and repeat customers with search, merchandising, personalization, and insights that get the right product, in front of the right shopper, at the right time.

That's how you deliver the ultimate shopper experience.

App Features

Ecommerce Site Search

Ecommerce Site Search helps merchandisers deliver hyper-relevant search results, gain full control over how search results appear, and shorten the shopper's path to purchase.

Ecommerce Merchandising

Ecommerce Merchandising gives brands & retailers total control over how products are displayed and arranged on-site while targeting shoppers with relevant products and offers.

Ecommerce Personalization

Ecommerce Personalization provides deep insight into behavioral data, automatically curating recommendations based on shopper history, real-time behavior, and customer preferences.

Ecommerce Reporting and Insights

Ecommerce Reporting and Insights help merchants understand their customers and site performance, ensuring shopping experiences that turn browsers into long-term buyers.

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  • Custom Price:
    From $499/month


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