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SearchSpring not only provides advanced search with relevant category navigation, but also provides a learning system that gets smarter and more relevant as your customers use your site. On average, at least 15% of your site visitors use search. These are motivated buyers with a goal in mind, to purchase a product. 15% may not sound like a large impact, but that 15% can account for at least 50% or more of your total revenue. Without an adequate search solution, these consumers will quickly abandon your site in favor of a site that provides what they are looking for easier and faster.

  • IntelliSuggest - learning from every shopper experience:
  • Intellisuggest® monitors the pulse of your shoppers, analyzing their behavior. It returns hyper-relevant product results in real-time with each and every individual shopper.
  • Analyzes key data points such as: searched vs. clicked behavior, products purchased, purchases with other products made, products added to cart with other products, products added to cart, products viewed with other products, products viewed, and much more.

Provide Customizable Filters for Search and Category pages:

  • Based upon your data and the content, SearchSpring® enhances the capability of allowing shoppers to drill down through a hierarchy of navigational items and at the same time use filters to select what type of product to display.
  • Customize filters based on product attributes, for example: Category, Brand, Price, Customer Ratings.
  • Use images as filters to encourage engagement with a Color Palette, Size Grid, Stars for ratings, etc.

Rich Autocomplete - Taking the guesswork out of search:

  • Display search suggestions AND product suggestions while your shopper types in your search box
  • Decrease the number of failed searches

Automated SEO:

  • SearchSpring uses your customers behavior to dynamically create optimized landing pages. With regular indexing of popular keywords your site is automatically optimizing your most popular search terms increasing your organic traffic and visibility.

Advanced Reporting:

  • Collect and analyze shopper interactions within your site.
  • Identify the driving source of traffic to your site.
  • What products customers are searching for that is not being offered.
  • Pinpoint where failed searches are occurring and correct using advanced synonyms.
  • Leverage internal behavior to help shape paid SEO campaigns.

Client Reviews (5)

Great Product. Awesome Customer Service. by Marc
Searchspring brings a whole new dimension to your website. We've had it for nearly a year now and love the functionality. Also, have to mention the customer service, they are very professional and nothing is too much work for them. Definitely recommend having a look at this product.
The Best Search App I've Ever Used by Kyle Sanders
Much like all the other reviews, I love this product and the customer service is excellent. Search Spring keeps people on your website longer and have a substantially easier time finding exactly what they're looking for. In addition to running my own store, I also run an SEO agency and have put several of our clients on Search Spring. Easily pays for itself and improves customers' experience on your site.
Great Product by Phil Eisaman
We purchased to replace another onsite search tool. The tool before did cost less but lacked in features. Take popular searches and capitalize on opportunities.
Some of the BEST customer service by Cassi
To add to Eamon's excellent assessment, SearchSpring's customer service is beyond stellar. Every time I have an issue or a question, I email them and they respond very quickly. They always fix problems I'm having, answer questions, and sometimes even do little tweaks/improvements I hadn't even asked for. In a world, where it can be difficult to get valuable responses via phone and email, SearchSpring really sets the bar high.
Advanced Search and Filter Navigation - a must have! by Eamon Rodeck
We've integrated SearchSpring on several of our more successful clients' web sites. In the marketplace of professional search and filter navigation, there are a couple of well known solutions and we've looked into them all. Among those solutions we found that SearchSpring by far offers the best feature set and at a very reasonable price point. One of the great things beside all the built-in search power and advanced filter navigation system is how well SearchSpring integrates search results, and category pages. The design of the web site is carried over perfectly. You can see a great example at one of the web sites we built using SearchSpring at All of the category and search results pages are powered by SearchSpring. My favorite feature is the filter navigation, and how it automatically creates filters based on your product options. Another huge advantage you'll have with SearchSpring over standard BigCommerce search is that the more words you enter the search box, the more specific the search becomes. I definitely recommend it, and especially for BigCommerce stores that have over 5,000 visitors per month. This tool would be a great way of increasing your conversion rate.