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About the app

For online firearm orders that require transfers to FFL dealers, we facilitate the regulatory process for both you (the firearm dealer) AND your customers.

  • For your customers – we provide them with a list of FFL dealers where they can ship their firearms for pickup.
  • For you, the online store owner – we send you the selected FFL dealer information with a digital copy of its license for you to verify and keep on file.

Handle these FFL transfers with more safety, while boosting sales with a quicker customer checkout and reduced rate of cart abandonment.

To set up and use our application is simple:

  1. Install our app.
  2. Choose the products in your store that will require an FFL transfer.
  3. Enable our checkout plug-in in your store, which will let your customers to search for FFL dealers near them during checkout with FFL transfer orders.
  4. After your customer chooses an FFL dealer to ship their items and completes their order, our application will send you the FFL ID Number and a digital copy of the license of the customer-selected FFL dealer.

Online firearm dealers want to ensure the sale and shipment of their products are executed safely while adhering to all U.S. laws and regulations. Let us help you do that.

App Features

Rapid Identification of Products requiring FFL Transfer

In seconds, categorize which products require transfer to FFL dealers for customer pickup. Once identified, the application is ready to deploy into online store.

Improved Checkout for Customer

Require customers to select an FFL dealer where their order will ship (if their order contains firearm products) when they check out.

  • Enable search of local FFL dealers near customer based on customer-entered ZIP code
  • Return list of all local FFL dealers with address and proximity to customer ZIP code, including interactive map that plots each dealer location
  • Let customer select and submit the FFL dealer where their FFL transfer items will ship
Instant Verification for Firearm Merchant

Access FFL Identification Number with a copy of digital license in BigCommerce Admin portal after customers select an FFL dealer and complete order.

  • Improved customer shopping experience with simple FFL dealer search and selection tool
  • Increased completed checkouts by keeping customers in online store during checkout
  • Reduced administrative costs with instant FFL verification

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  • Free Trial: 90 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $20.00/mo.


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