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About the app

Research shows that around 67% - 75% shopping cart is abandoned before they are finally checked out which implies that nearly $200 - $300 of sales is left "Abandoned" for every $100 sales you have completed.

The figure sounds really disturbing as so many potential customers and opportunities didn't make to the finish line. There are various reasons that customers that didn't checkout such as they would like to give a second thought before purchasing, or they simply forgot they have put something into the shopping cart.

With Abandoned Cart Recovery by, you can customize and schedule up to 3 emails to send to potential customers who have left their cart behind. With this warm reminder, this can bring your customer back and surely boost your store's revenue.

App Features

Easily customize abandoned cart email design

We understand all merchants love simple and automated configuration. Thanks to our designers and developers, the app is up and running once you have grant us permissions to access your store. With our simple settings page, you can easily customize the email content in the colors and languages that you preferred with clicks.

Send out 3 abandoned cart emails with flexible delay

Once you have installed our app, we would start retrieving abandoned carts from your stores and sending emails. You can send up to 3 abandoned cart emails per abandonment with customizable delay.

Understand how your customers respond

Providing the statistics on the abandoned cart email, you can have a clear view on how many emails have been sent, opened and clicked, seeing the effectiveness of these emails bring back the customers.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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