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About the app

Ability CCS is cloud based software designed for unified commerce from the ground up. Built for serious retailers and developed by direct commerce industry veterans, CCS has industry best practices built in to automate the processing of the entire lifecycle of your orders acting as the heartbeat of your business.

  • Customer service module (change orders, process credit cards, order processing buckets)
  • Realtime inventory visibility with hard allocation (inventory is allocated when the order is placed, so you don't sell the same item twice)
  • Source code customer tracking
  • Offer pricing
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Personalized items, kits, styles, user defined fields
  • Physical inventory management automation
  • Flexible inventory storage for fast location tracking
  • Integrated, secure payment processing
  • Tax automation using TaxCloud
  • Open APIs

App Features

Customer Service Module

Customer service automation empowers your call center agents to effectively engage with your customers and manage their requests. In Ability CCS , you can easily access and perform needed functions to seamlessly handle your customer service transactions.

  • Change orders
  • Process credit cards
  • Order processing buckets
  • Browser-based UI
  • Realtime order history
  • Upsell/Cross-sell, Alternative items
  • Returns and refunds
  • Customer notifications
Real Time Inventory Visibility with Hard Allocation

Real time Inventory visibility with hard allocation allow you to never miss a sale opportunity nor disappoint a customer due to not knowing what's really on hand. Inventory is committed immediately when the order is placed, so you don't sell the same item twice.

Personalized Items, Kits, Styles, User Defined Fields

Seamlessly create and maintain all your store's SKUs across multiple divisions. Define item specifications and values (i.e. colors, sizes, patterns, etc.) in seconds with the style item creation tool. CCS functionality also includes a robust kit creation tool (static kits and variable kits, which include style options) and bill of materials processing with assembly, disassembly and cost tracking.

Create and define any number of attributes for item personalization (i.e. font type, ink color, fabric color, logo/image). Unlimited template creation is possible with any attribute of choice applied to templates, creating a robust item personalization experience.

Physical Inventory Management Automation

Have complete control over your inventory with easy purchasing, item creation (including styles and kits), item personalization, vendor management, and PO reconciliation. Access vital item information including Quantities Available, Product Group, Retail Price, UPC, and more all in one place!

  • Inventory review screen provides a snapshot of inventory, as well as vital item information
  • Specific purchasing and receiving fields
  • One click access to purchase order inquiry
Flexible Storage for Fast Location Tracking

Complex inventory handling with flexible storage supports multiple divisions of inventory fulfillable from multiple warehouse locations. Track inventory easily by warehouse, aisle, rack, shelf, and bin.

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