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  • Custom Price:
    Upfront / monthly cost based on data/workflows

About the app

MyIntegrator is an automation solution for integrating BigCommerce with Acumatica / MYOB Advanced to enable complete control for Orders, Inventory, Products, Customers and Freight.

When it comes to integrating your accounting software with BigCommerce, we're the experts. MyIntegrator simplifies workflows and processes, to enable you to get on with doing business.

With 3 simple steps you can connect BigCommerce with your Acumatica / MYOB Advanced of choice:

  1. Connect
  2. Configure
  3. Sync

Additional B2B Modules include:

  • Invoice Apps – Customer can view past invoiced orders with PDF downloads plus online payment
  • Order Apps – Customer can view current orders including phone/fax
  • Payment Apps – Outstanding Invoices can be paid online
  • Recent Purchases Apps - (list of last 6 months purchasing for quick add to cart)


Pricing is based on the end points (eg. orders, inventory, shipping updates, etc.) and the accounting/ERP system requiring integration. Includes a one-time setup fee and annual service fees.

App Features

Automate your workflows
  • Customer - Creates and updates customers' contacts from Accounting platform to BigCommerce
  • Customer Details - Reflects customer detail changes from BigCommerce in Account system
  • Inventory - Updates stock levels for all stock items to BigCommerce
  • Orders - Imports new orders from BigCommerce into Accounts System
  • Order Status - Confirms the status of imported orders with BigCommerce
  • Payment - Processes payments for BigCommerce orders that were invoiced in Accounts system - Pre Auth
  • Pricing - Pushes customer group-based pricing levels to BigCommerce
  • Pricing Contracts - Pushes per-customer prices to BigCommerce (including tier discounts)
  • Product - Creates and updates products in BigCommerce
  • Product Image - Uploads product images to BigCommerce
  • Invoices - Allow view of all invoice and credit history in BigCommerce from your Accounts system with PDF download and online payment of outstanding invoices
  • Order View - View all order in BigCommerce from your Accounts system
  • Recently Purchased - Quick list order view of list of last last 12 months (configurable timeframe)of purchasing to allow quick add to cart from dashboard - Pantry List)
  • On Account - Manage customer payment with pay on account at checkout and payment of outstanding invoices online
  • Product Image - Uploads product images to BigCommerce
Flexible to your business rules

Advanced configuration allows you to make the integration suit your business logic and workflow.

Admin and Logging

Our admin panel allows users to monitor the status of all their jobs and gives a high degree of control and configuration over their integration, plus track and trace issues with product data or platform specific errors using the continuous logging features.

Wide range of platforms

Covers all of Australia's leading accounting platforms and can even be customised to interact with any other external services that you use.

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  • Custom Price:
    Upfront / monthly cost based on data/workflows


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