AddShoppers Social Analytics Platform

Client Reviews (10)

With the free AddShoppers social analytics layer, you'll have access to SKU-level social insights and social commerce apps that increase sharing, track ROI, and more. Our advanced social analytics system will reveal deep insights into the ROI of social sharing, identify your biggest influencers, and report down to the product level. Our sharing buttons allow you to identify Influencers and reward sharing with coupons, which increases shares and encourages shoppers to not abandon your site to search for a coupon code. Install AddShoppers now to access powerful social insights, increase your sharing, and decrease your shopping cart abandonment!


  • Free social analytics and social commerce apps
  • Facebook "Want" and "Own" buttons.
  • Simple 5-minute installation.
  • Actionable social analytics at the SKU level.
  • Identify your biggest influencers.
  • Won't slow down your website
  • API access.

Client Reviews (10)

Awesome FREE app! by Ho Yee
This is one of the best free apps for BigCommerce. In a few minutes, you can have an attractive yet unobtrusive set of share buttons for your website! I have gotten so many conversions by attaching a coupon (10% off) with the buttons. Love how it integrates with the sharers' social media profiles too so you can see who are your raving fans. I haven't had to use their customer support so can't comment on that. But for a totally FREE app, this is about as best as it gets!
Social Apps by Jack
Love the social apps from AddShoppers... makes tracking social sharing and ROI a snap, plus installation is super easy. Also love the social rewards, really helps to get more shares.
Great App! by Charlie
So many options that I could choose from, provides new ideas that helped sell my products, and valuable info that no other sharing buttons provide me. Really sets my site apart from others and gives me a competitive edge. Highly recommended
Great social platform by Chad
We've been using addshoppers for over a year and it has helped us grow our business. It's tough knowing which social networks to spend your time on but with this you'll know. Easy to install, and it's free, even for large sites.
by Gabe
It works great and it's free. It's not perfect yet, but it works....and it's free! + Easy to setup and install
by Phil
I'm using this to offer free shipping and discounts in return for sharing our pages. Easy to set up and easy for customers to use.
by Jaleel Beck
If you place the product schema into the Panels/ProductDescription.html file, it will generate the correct title, description and photo. However, the module panel only allows one to see the discounts when using Facebook, Twitter and Email. If you choose any of the other social networks and share, you won't see the coupon code related to it. I believe that you have to use the individual buttons, which gets cluttered because each icon displays the offer amount.
by Jaleel Beck
Could be a good app, but it asks you to generate the coupon codes in the store backend. It doesn't use an API to create new ones, so the same one is used all of the time. If customers get crafty, they'll copy the coupon code and bypass the share module to get the discount. Also, different discount values can't be related to specific products, so you can't apply a discount to a certain product or product group. They offer a disabling feature but you have to insert the product URLs yourself, or use a wildcard. Not too great if you have a few hundred products or dozens of categories.
by Duane
Ok... Got a response and the issue is resolved. It is NOW ready for prime time!! Go for it and enjoy it... it is very easy to install..
by Duane
Great idea if they can get it to work correctly. When you click a button to send the product you get the image of one product and the description and the price of another. Have contacted their tech support about the issue with no response. App is not ready for prime time. Didn't even get a auto response from their tech support to let me know they even received me email.