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About the app

List and advertise your products to millions of shoppers searching on Google and grow sales.

Ads and Listings on Google is an integration developed and maintained by BigCommerce. It allows you to sync your store catalog to Google Merchant Center and helps you easily list and advertise on Google.

Get $500 in ad credit from Google when you spend your first $500 on Google Ads within 60 days. (Terms & Conditions apply. Ad credit amounts vary by country and region)


  • Grow sales by reaching more shoppers and increasing store traffic
  • Save time by managing your ads and listings on Google directly within BigCommerce
  • Avoid poor channel performance with immediate visibility into critical listings issues

App Features

Reach hundreds of millions of shoppers every day with free listings

Feature your products for free on Google. Free listings are a powerful way to showcase your products across the Shopping tab, Search, Images, and Lens, and more. Already set up in the Merchant Center? Your products are automatically eligible for free listings.

Find and connect with shoppers where they search

  • Differentiate your product from competitors.
  • Share rich, engaging listings that catch shoppers' attention.
  • Drive traffic to your website, to your local storefront, or to Buy on Google.
Reach more shoppers with a Performance Max campaign

Performance Max campaigns feature paid ads that help you reach more shoppers across Google properties, including YouTube, Gmail, Search, and the Google Display Network.

Why use Performance Max?

  • Your best-performing ads are shown more often.
  • Automatic bidding takes the guesswork out of keyword strategy.
  • Seamless integration with third-party ecommerce platforms simplifies the lift.

Using free listings and paid ads together can double impressions and increase clicks by 50%* Source: Google Internal Data, July 2020

List and advertise your products on Google
  • Automatically syncs your store catalog to Google Merchant Center
  • Includes eligible products in free listings on Google Shopping, Google Search and Google Images.
  • Lets you create Performance Max campaigns to promote your products
  • Lets you select specific products to include in your campaigns
  • Provides visibility into campaign performance
  • Displays issues with your listings and Google account

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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