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About the app

Our app allows you to create a seamless Rewards and Referrals program that motivates customers to earn rewards points and then come again to shop to redeem that points to get fixed discount, percentage off or free shipping.

It has an extremely intuitive dashboard to set earn and redeem points. As an admin you have complete control on customer activities, points balance and adjustment. It increases customer engagement & referrals, ultimately results in more sales.

App Features

Front-end feature

Logged in customers get all information related to earn points, redeem points, coupon code, and option to redeem on the storefront. Front-end feature is flexible for customers to track all activities and also showcases the ways of rewards & redeem.

Customers can send referral links to their friends and family and can also share on social media from the front-end to earn points based on successful referrals.

Earning(Rewards) Point Program

You have the options in the dashboard to set up the Rewards point program based on the customer actions. Customer can earn points on:

- Creating Account(Signing up)

- Placing the first order

- Sharing your store on social media

- Referring to new customers

- Like and Follow on social media

- Celebrating birthday

When any customers earn points, the app automatically notifies them by email with specific activity info of earning reward points.

Referrals Program

You can motivate your customer for the Referrals programs and reward them when they send their referral links to friends or family and share on social media. Whenever one of their friends uses the link, you can also offer a discount code to a new customer(s) and reward points to existing customers on successful referrals.

You can manage referrals and discount code from the dashboard, Also can edit/delete referrals program.

Way to Redeem Program

There is an option to manage to redeem points. You can set many ways for the customer to utilize their earned point through redeeming program based on: - Percentage (%) Off - Flat Amount ($) Off - Free Shipping

Email: Send emails to your customer for rewards, referrals, and redeem activities.

Seamless Dashboard

Admin can manage, and track all activities from Reward to Redeem. Also, have the option to give a reward point to the specific customers, can add/edit activities at any time. On the dashboard, there is a "Program" to manage points and referrals which makes everything easy for non-technical users also.

Customer Section- You will have full records of customers including email id, status, points, redeem, referrals, and actions. You can also give reward points to any specific customer(s) and balance, edit, delete the point from the customer section.

Brandin- Branding is nothing but a section to manage the storefront reward feature. You can set/change the name, color, manage the position of the reward icon.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $10.00/mo.


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