Akeneo PIM Connector by StrikeTru

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About the app

Supercharge your BigCommerce store (Single or Multi-Storefront) with Akeneo PIM, the No.1 open source product information management (PIM) platform. With StrikeTru's BigCommerce Akeneo connector, you can easily manage your entire BigCommerce product catalog in one single trusted repository (PIM). Import product data, images, and categories straight from Akeneo PIM into your BigCommerce online store with the click of a button. Free for up to 100 products.

App Features

Self-Sufficient Connector
  • Product data imports into BigCommerce initiated & managed within the app
  • Leverages Akeneo PIM and BigCommerce APIs for data sync
  • Import product data structures, data, and images with a few clicks
  • Publish product data from single PIM to multiple BigCommerce stores
Sync Data Structures, Data, & Images
  • Configure which products to import from Akeneo PIM
    • By channel, completeness, update date, etc.
  • Map PIM attribute names to BigCommerce attribute names
  • Sync product categories, and valid lists of values from PIM
  • Import products, images, image URLs, and product visibility
  • Sync standard BigCommerce attributes as well as custom attributes
Error Reporting
  • Import errors (e.g. missing name or category) are automatically detected and reported by email.
  • Detailed logging (at 5 levels) under the hood to help capture, report, and handle errors
SLA Based Tech Support
  • SLA based tech support provided by StrikeTru, a Houston-based digital services firm
  • StrikeTru provides affordable product data solutions to small & mid-sized companies to help grow eCommerce sales
BigCommerce and Akeneo PIM Compatibility
  • Compatible with BigCommerce Single and Multi-Storefront
  • Compatible with all Akeneo PIM editions v1.7 & higher (Community, Growth Edition, Enterprise Cloud Serenity, Enterprise Cloud Flexibility)

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