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About the app

Build a strong foundation for growth on your BigCommerce platform by integrating it with Akeneo PIM. The Akeneo App for BigCommerce is a premium extension developed, maintained, and supported by Akeneo, the only preferred global PIM partner of BigCommerce.

PIM as the Foundation for Growth

Akeneo PIM is your single source of truth for product information. It provides a user-friendly platform to import, manage, enrich and publish your product data, including images, videos, and media as well as product variations. As Akeneo PIM is an Open SaaS product, you'll benefit from continuous updates and improvements.

Connect and Share Data Seamlessly

The Akeneo App for BigCommerce allows you to seamlessly feed high-quality and emotionally resonant product information from your PIM to your eCommerce platform improving your customers' shopping experiences, increasing conversions, and reducing returns. With easy setup and powerful out-of-the-box functionality, anyone can manage it without burdening IT. It's the trusted solution to connect Akeneo PIM and BigCommerce.

App Features

Easy Configuration & Set-up
  • Easy to use configuration page within Akeneo PIM
  • Quick and straight forward set-up
Data Mapping Capabilities
  • Map your BigCommerce target data with your PIM data source
  • Two types of mapping are available to accommodate for different data structures:
    • Simple mapping
    • Complex mapping
  • Agile mapping for products and product models
Synchronization of Categories and Products
  • Seamlessly import categories, products, and product variants, like colors or size variations, from Akeneo PIM to BigCommerce
  • Sync images stored in your Akeneo PIM
  • Keep your BigCommerce storefront data up-to-date by kicking-off regular syncs
Job Reporting
  • Real-time updates on the status of your imports
  • Identification or potential problems in the import with Error Reporting
  • Log descriptions are written to be easy to understand for non-technical users

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  • Custom Price:
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