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About the app

Algolia is the intelligent layer between where your content lives and where your customers engage with it. Algolia's composable API's arm your engineers with low-code building blocks that enable real-time indexing and control of which attributes are made searchable.

Algolia AI and machine learning power the Discovery journey while enriching each end-user experience. This fully integrated experience encompasses content navigation, browse, search, recommendation, and discovery. Algolia's ability to capture real-time user interactions enables the capture of deeper user insights, and provides the ability for intelligent A/B testing. Business users can also leverage the visual editor, and tune relevance, merchandise and create more personalized end-customer experiences.

Algolia is able to support this at Enterprise scale, with API clients for 17 languages and global support with over 70+ PoPs for minimum data latency. Algolia platform is cloud-native, infinitely scalable, and flexible. Now any content can find any user in moments that matter the most.

App Features

Search & Discovery
  • Real-time indexing & data enrichment
  • Search-as-you-type and typo tolerance right out of the box
  • Custom rankings
Visual Editor and Rules
  • Rich UI Libraries
    • Granular components for total control
    • Pre-built widgets
  • Deep control over the entire experience, whether a Business User or Developer.
AI & Personalization
  • Browse and discovery beyond the search bar, with custom Recommendations
  • Machine Learning & Personalization
  • Cross-channel capabilities, including voice & mobile
  • Optimized for 70+ languages
Enterprise Performance
  • Over 70+ PoPs for minimum data latency
  • 99.999% SLA
  • API clients for 17 languages
Business Insights & Analytics
  • Custom Ranking on business metrics
  • Analytics & A/B Testing
  • Query rules
  • Implement custom rules

Case Studies

King Arthur Baking Co.

When King Arthur Baking Company, a more than 200-year-old supplier of flour, ingredients, baking mixes, cookbooks, and baked goods, decided to improve its online customer experience it turned to Algolia for Search. The results: conversions increased by more than 50% and a great customer experience that helps it reach its mission of "sharing the joy of baking with the world."

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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