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About the app

Common Ninja's All-in-One Widget Suite — The Best Widgets For Your BigCommerce Store

The Common Ninja Widget Suite offers more than 60 powerful widgets for BigCommerce stores, all of which are easily accessible and manageable from a single dashboard.

With the suite, you can drastically enhance your website's design and functionality and greatly improve engagement with and on your site, as well as its conversion rates.

The widgets are easy to use, require no coding knowledge, mobile friendly and come with useful and efficient features.

An Extensive Collection of Powerful and Feature-Rich Widgets

The suite features more than 60 widgets that cover anything from design-related needs to information-providing and conversion-driving needs.

  • 3D Cards: a mesmerizing, eye-catching & interactive addition to your website that will make your content truly stand out.
  • Age Verification: an essential tool for businesses whose products or services require their users to be of a certain age for legal reasons.
  • Animated Number Counter: an empowering tool that can be used on any website to add an animated number counter, with an animation that instantly draws attention to the numbers.
  • Announcements: an easy way to add announcements, updates, news, and other note-worthy messages to your website in a bulletin-like fashion.
  • Audio Player: a great, versatile tool for those who'd like to add audio to their website.
  • Before & After Slider: allows users to effortlessly compare two images with an interactive slider feature.
  • Charts & Graphs: this app will enable you to add a wide array of beautiful charts to your website.
  • Company Branch Flip Cards & List: a perfect way for businesses with many branches to keep their customers informed of all the branches, their working times, locations, and more.
  • Comparison Tables: a powerful tool for creating gorgeous comparison tables.
  • Corner Button: a neat little tool that will enable you to improve on-site navigation while keeping to your website's design preferences.
  • Countdown Bar: a powerful digital marketing tool that can be used to convert users into paying customers.
  • Coupon Bar: a powerful tool for driving sales up and converting customers by displaying coupon codes clearly and visibility on your website.
  • Coupon Popup: a dynamic tool for collecting leads and increasing conversions.
  • Device Mockup: a visualization-enhancing tool that will help your users visualize your product, service, or message.
  • Event Flip Cards & List: an essential tool for bands, musicians, artists, companies, and anyone who performs, or holds events of some kind.
  • Feeds (Facebook, Blogger, Mastadon, Pinterest, RSS, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, YouTube): a great tool for gathering feeds from various platforms into a single, beautifully designed page that will make reading posts super easy.
  • FAQ: this app allows you to create beautiful FAQ sections on your pages.
  • Flip Cards: a powerful and versatile tool that can display information in an interactive, easy-to-read way.
  • Image Hotspot: this app enables you to add informative text to any image in an elegant and minimal fashion.
  • Info List: an easy-to-use tool that can display information in an organized, concise, and visually appealing way.
  • Logo Slider: this app allows you to display the logos of your clients, partners, sponsors, and other companies that you work with on your website.
  • Chats (Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp): a helpful tool that will enable you to communicate with your customers in an easy, accessible manner.
  • Notification Bar: a powerful tool for notifying site visitors, drawing their attention, and encouraging them to perform actions.
  • Opening Hours: this app allows you to display your business' working hours and provide your users with easy access to relevant information in a stylish manner.
  • PDF Viewer: this app allows users to view and download PDF files easily without leaving your site.
  • Pricing Tables: this app enables you to create stunning pricing tables that will not only look great but will also increase conversions.
  • Product Blobs: a creative and visually appealing way to draw attention to your products.
  • Progress Bars & Circles: a visually appealing tool for showcasing progress in a clear and concise way.
  • Restaurant Menu Flip Cards & List: a deliciously versatile tool that will enable you to create a menu of your tasty food on your website.
  • Skill Flip Cards & List: a handy tool that will enable you to inform users and customers of the various, impressive skills you or your employees possess and increase your chances of getting hired.
  • Social Media & RSS Feeds: this app allows you to pull content from the most popular networks and display it on your website.
  • Stories: a powerful tool for creating engaging and immersive stories that will provide a dynamic experience and allow you to reach unique audiences for better advertising opportunities.
  • Team Member Flip Cards & List: a creative and visually appealing way to draw attention to your team members.
  • Testimonials Slider: a powerful tool for adding a fully customizable testimonial carousel to your website.
  • And many more!

App Features

Full Customization

The apps are fully customizable and can be customized to fit any design requirement. Fonts, colors, shapes, sizes, and more — anything can be changed, adjusted, and edited.


In a mobile-first world, Common Ninja's mobile-friendly apps are a welcome addition to any website. They will work on any website, and will not hinder your site's loading speeds.

Premium Support

We value our customers and offer premium support and quick reply times. You won't be left hanging with a problem on your hands, we promise.

Easy To Use

With a simple-to-use, intuitive editor and with no coding knowledge requirements, you will have an easy time using our app even if you had no prior experience with them.


Common Ninja's apps are SEO-friendly and will give your website a much-needed boost to stay ahead of the competition.

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