AmberPOS - Point of Sale Application

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AmberPOS is a Point of Sale software application for retail stores which seamlessly integrates with Bigcommerce as an online web store. AmberPOS has been deployed in over 1,000 retail stores across North America in the past 20 years. It has many advanced features allowing retail store owners to manage inventory, customers, perform advanced reporting functions, and a host of many other standard and advanced POS software functions.


  • Creating and Uploading Inventory/SKUs from AmberPOS to BigCommerce
  • Updating/Editing of SKUs and Inventory
  • Automated Inventory Levels Synchronization Between Physical Locations & Online Store
  • Downloading & Automated Creation of Invoices from the Web Store into AmberPOS
  • Additional Reporting and Comparison Analysis of Web Store vs Physical Store Locations
  • Purchase Orders and Advanced Inventory Costing / Profit Margin Tracking and Reporting
  • Downloading & Creation of Online Web Customers into Centralized AmberPOS Database

Client Reviews (2)

Don't waste your time looking for something else...this is it! by Heather Somers
I recently replaced my Intuit QuickBooks POS system with Amber POS and I couldn't be more pleased. This is the platform I need to take my store to the next level. It sync's beautifully with Big Commerce and has all the tools I need to be successful. The support from Amber POS is so wonderful (If you can imagine, they were so helpful with my conversion/launch, I actually had cookies sent to their office!) The other cool feature? They have a "back office" license that is way cheaper than the main license. I bought one of those for my "corporate office" (which is in my house) and now I can do all the things I need to do at the store from the comfort of my fuzzy slippers! (The only thing you can't do is ring up a sale.) No more running over to the store at midnight to fix a receiving voucher someone screwed up! :) I highly recommend this software if you want your bricks and mortar and your online store to talk to each other in the same language without needing a translator!
Awesome POS, sync's great with our BigCommerce store! by Todd Canipe
We searched high and low for a POS system that would integrate our fairly large brick & mortar store and it's inventory with our website. And lucky for us we found AmberPOS. Now we have a real-time inventory in both our online store and our brick & mortar store and it's really easy to keep everything sync'd up. The crew at Pacific Amber have been great about discussing our unique needs and making sure the integration works seamlessly. The SKU mass updater tool works perfectly, so we can manage our online inventory in bulk, and the POS is a fully-fledged Point of Sale with all the features we demand. The added benefit of working with them has been a personal touch that you don't get from the 'big boys'. Highly recommended if you need to make sure your inventory is accurate, and want to manage your webstore from your Point of Sale.