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About the app

The All-in-one dropshipping assistant to help you grow your business. Find fast shipping and profitable products from USA, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and China and import them to your online store with one click! Optimize products and advertising materials to increase marketing conversions! Fulfill orders in bulk and ship products to customers!


How ANTDIY Helps You Win:

From product importing to advertising to order fulfillment and inventory management, ANTDIY is always there for you to grow your business!

Find Fast Shipping Products From All Over the World

With suppliers from AliExpress and Banggood in the USA, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and China, your products will be shipped to your customers as fast as possible! No more worrying about losing customers due to long shipping time!

Add Products with One Click

Import and upload all your searched products to your store in one click with Chorme Extension! Save your time to edit and upload products more quickly.

Advanced Price Setting

Set up cost and selling price formulas to avoid manually adjusting prices over and over again!

Automatically Update Prices and Inventory

Stay up-to-date with the cost and price of the products imported from AliExpress and banggood and never sell products that are out of stock or losing money.

Optimize Your Advertising Strategy

Expert services to help you optimize your ad materials, analyze ad results, and optimize your ad strategy to achieve higher order conversions!

Bulk Order Fulfillment

Reduce your workload by automating bulk orders and fulfilling multiple orders with one click.

Automatic Tracking of Logistics Numbers

Orders and tracking numbers are synced with BigCommerce, so your customers know exactly when the products are expected to arrive.


ANTDIY-Dropshipping Product Importer:

If you need to import products in large quantities immediately, please use ANTDIY Chrome Extension, which must be installed and run on Google Chrome Browser.

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App Features

Automate Your Business Faster

Exclusive Alibaba Official API, Directly connected to the Alibaba platform, the APP simplifies the entire dropshipping process.

Find Billions of Products

Help you source your assortment from a wide variety of reliable suppliers, such as AliExpress, banggood, etc. Commodity sourcing services to help you find cheaper and high-quality alternatives.

Worry-Free Delivery

Stop worrying about shipping. Once you make a sale, your products will be shipped from the supplier warehouse to your customer's doorstep.

24/7 VIP sevice

We will provide you with one-to-one VIP service. When you encounter any problems, just contact us through Fresh chat, and we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

Customize your ANTDIY

You can give us feedback on any needs and suggestions for ANTDIY, we will accept and adopt them, and enable customized enhancements for your ANTDIY.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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