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About the app

Offer real-time instant refund payments to your customers and embolden them to buy with confidence by partnering with Apace

75% of consumers purchase with ease and efficiency of returns in mind. When customers have an instant refund option, their behavior will deviate from standard buying practices and pivot to the best solution. Additionally, Apace's two-prong approach offers a "Return Reimbursement Program" providing the retailer relief from burdensome costs of returns by reimbursing logistics and transaction costs.

The following benefits have been proven by implementing Apace:

For Consumers:

  • Apace bridges the gap between returns and liquidity
  • Apace offers your customers a simple one-click solution for real-time instant refund access creating higher satisfaction and lower stress during their shopping experience.

For the Retailer:

  • Higher margins: Apace provides return reimbursements for costs associated with returns
  • Increased customer loyalty: Giving your customers the control and flexibility of the timing of their refund money strengthens the bond between customer and retailer, benefiting both parties.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: By offering your customers the option of an instant refund, you are providing an opportunity for a stress-free shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenue: An instant refund will impact a customer's liquidity and enhance repurchase intentions.

How it works:

Your customers have two efficient options for instant refunds

Method 1:

Duly Instant Refund: At time of retailer's approval

1. Apace receives the return details

2. Apace or retailer sends unique link to the customer

3. Customer receives funds instantly

4. Apace notifies merchant status of the refund

Method 2:

Early Instant Refund: At time of drop shipping

Coming soon… Be on the lookout!

App Features

Customer Instant Refund

Your customer will receive an email with the instant refund offer (the merchant will trigger the instant refund offer to be sent) once the customer accepts the instant refund they will receive their money minus a small deduction into their account in real-time!

Cash flow improvement

Apace has a 15 day invoice cycle for the retailer to pay back all refunds. You will pay the refund amount in an average of 7 days after the original refund initiation time.

Return Reimbursement Program (RRP)

Get some money back from your customer's return!

Enable the RRP option with Apace to get up to 2% of every return cost.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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