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About the app

Enhance user experience in your store by using Apparel Production Options. The application allows end customers to buy multiple variants of a product at the same time. This feature will be very useful and necessary for most markets such as clothing, tool, b2b stores and more. The application helps improve user experience by removing extra steps to buy a bunch of different colors or sizes of an item.

Not only help removing steps, the application gives users various options to help improve product view.

Dropdown and Quantity option:

Users are freely choosing which criteria to use in the dropdown option and quantity option. Quantity option will decide which criteria will display quantity input. Dropdown option allows you to display swatch in the dropdown list.

Application can apply for multiple products in same time:

To make the application easy to use and convenient for users. The application allows users to create a group contain specific options and config for dropdown option and quantity option. Users can add multiple products that have the similar option and config into the group. The application also allows creating multiple groups for different purposes.

Setting and advance setting: we provide many options and customize that help customers can adjust applications most suitable to their use.

App Features

Display quantity input box for each option variants in an items

The feature helps customers input different quantities for each variant and add to cart in one click.

Display dropdown list for swatch

The application allows display swatch under dropdown list. The feature will show both the name and image of the swatch in the dropdown box to make the product detail block tidier. This feature can also display swatch and dropdown lists at the same time.

Display default or price range

When all variants can input quantity at the same time, users can display price range or default price of items to make the page look more reasonable.

Warning message and auto adjust quantity

When customer input the quantity more than quantity have in stock. The warning message will popup to let them know and adjust the quantity to the available quantity in stock.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $19.00/mo.


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