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  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Upfront Fee: $2500.00
  • Recurring Fee: $199.00/mo.

About the app

APPSeCONNECT, a product by InSync is a next generation enterprise level integration platform as a service (iPaaS) which can connect all major line-of-business applications. It empowers organizations to automate their vital business processes, eliminating the need for any painful manual data exchange by enabling real time, bi-directional sync between applications. APPSeCONNECT streamlines business operations, thus directly enhancing productivity and accelerating growth.

APPSeCONNECT BigCommerce integration seamlessly connects BigCommerce with most popular ERP System such as SAP (B1, ByDesign, ECC/All In One), Microsoft (GP, NAV, AX, 365), Netsuite, Acumatica, Sage 300, etc.

With APPSeCONNECT you get:

  • Full Workflow Based Process Orchestration.
  • Pre-packed Template Support for Quicker Integration.
  • Open Decision Engine with Rules and Actions.
  • Protocol Based Adapters
  • Full SDK Support for Partners & Developers.
  • Complete Data Tracking & Error Handling..

Process Automation Details

  • Fully Automatic and Bi-Directional data exchange of Customers, Items, Orders, Invoices, Inventory, Shipment, etc.
  • APPSeCONNECT helps to automate eCommerce Sales Process with ERP Production/Purchase and Fulfillment

App Features

Customer Sync between Bigcommerce and ERP
  • New CustomerNew customer's account, contact information, billing and shipping address will be synced from BigCommerce to ERP Business Partner Master Data.
  • Existing CustomerExisting web customer's details are downloaded to ERP automatically.
  • Update Customer detailsWhen Customer records are updated in BigCommerce, corresponding ERP records are also updated.
Item Sync between Bigcommerce and ERP
  • List Items in different categoriesList SAP Business One items in the e-commerce web store as BigCommerce Products. BigCommerce SKU and ERP Item Code is mapped for the data sync process.
  • Easy download of productsDownload existing web products to ERP Item Master Data records.
  • Product details updateWhen Products are updated in one platform, these updates will be synced to the corresponding platform also.
  • Price SyncWhen Product Prices are updated in ERP, APPSeCONNECT will update the corresponding Product Prices in BigCommerce too.
Inventory Sync between Bigcommerce and ERP
  • Maintain Exact Stock levelAs Purchase and Production Cycle is only associated with ERP, so Stock can be updated from ERP to BigCommerce to maintain exact inventory level in the eCommerce store.
  • Variations of StockAPPSeCONNECT can be configured to support different levels of inventory sync as per business requirement:
    • In Stock-Committed
    • In Stock
    • In Stock- Committed + Ordered
Sales Order Sync between Bigcommerce and ERP
  • Web Sales Orders placed in BigCommerce will be synced to ERP as Active Sales Order via APPSeCONNECT.
  • Line items, taxes, discounts associated with the Web Order will be also synced to ERP Sales Order.

Case Studies

NineLine Apparel has optimized and improved their overall business processes

Headquarters: Savannah, Georgia

Industry: ApparelCompany size 100-200 employeesWebsite: www.ninelineapparel.com/

Project Overview: Nine LIne Apparel maintains two line of business - one with BigCommerce as their storefront and one with Shipstation as their shipping solution. They have been using SAP Business One HANA as their ERP. To move all data in/out from SAP HANA and streamline and optimize their business processes, they were in need of robust and responsible integration solutions to connect SAP Business One HANA with BigCommerce as well as ShipStation.

APPSeCONNECT Differentiators

  • Ability to handle multiple touch points across all aspects of SAP Business One HANA.
  • Bi-Directional sync.
  • Comprehensive features and functionalities.
  • Deeper integration, scalable and customizable.
  • Fully Automated Sync in Real Time.
  • A robust and easy-to-use platform with experienced professionals.
  • Software Scalability, support for eCommerce Growth
  • Geographic expansion is facilitated.
  • Improved efficiency in business processes.
  • A boost in the productivity of employees.
  • Quick implementation and affordable solution.

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  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Upfront Fee: $2500.00
  • Recurring Fee: $199.00/mo.


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