• Custom Price:
    3D model creation and monthly subscriptions start at $25 per month.

About the app

Change the way shoppers interact with your products and brand with 3D and augmented reality

  • 71% of shoppers would visit an online store more often if the store offered AR
  • Reduce returns by up to 40% by increasing buyer confidence.
  • Build brand awareness with shareable 3D activations.
  • Customers spend 2x-5x more time on your product page.

What is levAR?

levAR's platform helps e-commerce stores change the way their customers shop. In a world that's focused on personalized experiences, shoppers demand exciting, fun, and convenient shopping that can take place anywhere - even in their own home. levAR allows businesses of all sizes to let their products and the shopping experience shine by using 3D product visualization and Augmented Reality.

levAR lets you quickly add a 3D Product Viewer with mobile Augmented Reality to any product page in just a few minutes. Your customers will be able to view your products in a world class 3D viewer, giving them perspective not possible with regular product images or video. On mobile (iOS & Android), your customers can view your product in right in their own space, reducing the imagination gap between what a customer sees online vs. what ships to their doorstep.

Whether or not you're new to 3D technologies, levAR's proprietary 3D Modeling pipeline makes the entire process of creating digital versions of your products seamless.

  • Supercharge your email and social marketing strategy with dynamic AR activation codes that bring your customers to your store and products on any device, from any marketing channel, anywhere.
  • Straightforward Pricing
  • No development work necessary.
  • No complicated software or expensive contractors.

Just one easy to use platform that makes digitizing your product assortment accessible and affordable for any size BigCommerce business.

  • Start by installing the levAR app from the BigCommerce App store and creating a levAR account.
  • Schedule an introductory call with our creative team right in the app dashboard.
  • levAR will provide you with ideas while also making it easy for you to understand the best products to start with based on your product and order data.
  • Click Request 3D Model, and let levAR do the rest. You'll be able to see our progress and then review your 3D models when they are done.
  • Then just activate your AR with a click of a button, add one of our simple implementations with just a few lines of code or work with us or one of our agency partners to create a totally unique 3D shopping experience that fits your business and excites your customers!

Get started today and start driving more revenue, reducing returns, all while providing an immersive and more engaging shopping experience for your customers.

App Features

Realistic Digital Products

Your Digital Product assortment created with levAR can be used to supplement or replace existing product photography.

Works Anywhere

Whether it's Mobile, Desktop or Social Apps - levAR's 3D Viewer & AR works wherever your customers are - on all major platforms.

1-Click BigCommerce AR Integration

levAR offers an easy integration with your BigCommerce store and marketing channels. No changes to your store's look unless you want it!

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  • Custom Price:
    3D model creation and monthly subscriptions start at $25 per month.


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