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About the app

Send your most valuable customers a great brand experience.

Shipping soon notifications are a great way to remind your customers they're about to get something they love. Now, with ARPU you can do even more with these notifications.

Increase your revenue with two-click upsells.

With ARPU, you can send beautiful, custom-branded emails that let your customers add products to an upcoming shipment without having to log in or re-enter their payment information.

Retain more happy subscribers with frictionless delays.

If you don't give your customers an easy way to delay a shipment when they have too much product, they're more likely to just cancel. With our exclusive one-click delay, they don't even need to log in. And the best part: our frictionless delays increase your overall retention.

"ARPU is a priceless tool that improves customer experience and sales by promoting products that our subscribers actually want." -Justin Mares, CEO of Kettle & Fire, Co-Founder of Perfect Keto at Kettle & Fire

App Features

Increase recurring revenue

Drive sales with two-click upsells that are accessible directly from your upcoming order email notifications.

Build trust and brand loyalty

When you notify people their card is about to be charged and a shipment is on the way, you provide the type of customer experience that grows your brand.

Take advantage of your highest open rates

Upcoming email notifications have a 60% open rate and present the perfect opportunity to market to your most loyal customers.

Amazing support

Need to speak to someone at ARPU? No problem! Our team is available for 1:1 support via email, phone call, or Zoom. Contact us at to learn more.

Reduce churn and improve retention

Decrease cancellations and improve retention with two-click delays for customers who are going on vacation, stockpiling products, or simply need a break.

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  • Custom Price:
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