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About the app

Customer engagement is an important asset for every eCommerce store owner. Sometimes a customer has additional questions about a product before he makes the final purchase, Such critical information is not present within the product description and detail page, to address such concerns, store owners must amplify these questions with precise answers.

In order to not lose a prospective customer, our application "Ask a Question" allows customers to ask a question about the product directly from the store admin, where an admin can answer the customer inquiries.

Whenever a store admin directly answers customers' queries, it builds loyalty and trust towards your business.

An admin will receive the questions asked by their customers straight into their mailbox. An admin can view the questions under the status "New", "Open", "Answered", "Trash".

Admin can easily search any mail through these keywords. Admin can also modify the fields of "Question Form" of customers.

App Features

Effective and Reliable Communication with Customer:

When a store owner establishes direct communication with its customers, it builds a form of effective and reliable communication that will allow a customer to affirm his trust in the brand he is purchasing his order from.

Our application will allow your customers to Ask Questions directly from the "Ask a Question" button that will be displayed on the product detail page at the storefront.

Whenever customers have any sort of queries related to any product, they can ask a question directly to an admin by clicking on this button. This feature will provide a hassle-free environment for both the admin and customers.

Email Notification:

An admin will be notified via Email Notification, whenever a customer asks a question. Once an admin reply to the particular customer, an email notification will be sent to the customer's end.

Customizable Fields for Question Form:

Every customer is different from one another, so are the customer queries. To address these issues, we came up with our customizable fields feature for Question Form through which an admin is able to add the elements type Input, select Box, Radio Group, Checkbox, Multiple Select boxes, Textarea, Email.

An admin can either able or disable any custom field as per his preference.

Easily Accessible Mailbox:

An admin can view the emails received from customers under the status tab like "New", "Open", "Answered", "Trash" in the mailbox.

A customer's mail can be easily searched through these keywords. An admin can view the summary of these emails in the Dashboard.

A Piechart graph is displayed on the dashboard to explain the report of your emails. An admin will able to see the latest questions asked by the customers.

Easy to configure:

Our application is easy to configure and manage at the admin's end. An admin just need to follow these given instructions and set up some codes at the backend of the store to display the "Ask A Question" button at the storefront.

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  • Free Trial: 10 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $9.00/mo.


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