• Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

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Earn more $2/order compare to others,Let your customer pay with ETH, USDC, USDT, DAI, 50+ cryptos. Lowest fees, Non-Custodial & No Fraud.

With the innovation of blockchain technology, Aurpay help you earn $2 more per order compare to others. Imaging 1,000 orders,you can add $2,000 revenue from Aurpay.

Aurpay's Smart Contract ensures the decentralization and the security of user assets. We are the only real non-custodial solution provider. No peers can do it. Only you can access your assets. Not us. Not anyone else.


On Coinbase, if the merchant have erc20 series of crypto for 1000 orders, according to the mode of coinbase, you pay 1,000 times more gas fees. Each time it costs you $2, then you lost $2,000, it is impossible for Coinbase to subsidize merchants all the time.

With Aurpay, you only need to consume 1 gas fee for 1000 or how many orders, only $2. So, invisibly, Aurpay creates huge profits for you, every time you receive our ERC20 tokens, you earn $2. We genuinely care about your success – we make money only when you make money. It is that simple!

Aurpay helps merchantsFeatures:

✅ Increase market expansion for a global customer base.

✅ Reduce gas fees: save 96% gas for withdrawal.

✅ Save on fees: cheapest on the crypto plugins, starting from 0.5%.

✅ Bitcoin lightning network supported: zero transaction fees and instant transactions.

✅ Smart contract: 100% non-custodial, merchants are in full control of private keys and received payments.

✅ Stablecoin settlement: settle USDC with a 1:1 ratio of $USD, zero volatility guaranteed.

✅ Smooth checkout experience, increase 20% conversion rate for your products.

✅ No fraud or chargebacks.

✅ Protect your funds using smart contract, non-custodial.

For more product features, please visit our official website, and sign up to get a merchant account.

⭐ The first 100 merchants will get crypto reward, the first 50 payments are free! ⭐

Currently support

✅ Supports top 50+ crypto coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, Tron, TRX, TRC20 tokens, USDC, USDT, DAI & much more.

✅ Bitcoin lighting network supported, zero transaction fees.

Aurpay is available for store owners and merchants in more than 100+ countries/regions with more being added.


Aurpay has no setup fees, no subscription fees, no hidden costs, no chargebacks. Pure non-custodial, no third party charge, all transactions are peer-to-peer. Merchants send crypto payment link directly to customers with no middleman, no code required.

Apply to become a partner via if you have merchant resources, you will earn commission on each transaction merchants made.

Checkout our partner program to increase your margin of merchant resources monetization.

Setup guide

✅ Login or create an account at More details on account setup can be found here.

✅ Follow the Aurpay App setup instructions for your BigCommerce store:

App Features

Transparent fees & Save gas
  • Reduce 96% gas consumption for settlement.
  • Transparent processing fees, lower than 1%. Better than any other payment plugins.
Non-custodial for fund safety
  • Pure non-custodial, we don't hold your funds or key, merchants are in full control of received payments.
  • Stablecoin USDC settlement with 1:1 ratio with USD, zero volatility guarantee.
  • No chargebacks, no fraud.
Compatibility 100% ensured
  • Use any crypto wallet you want.
  • 24/7 live support
  • Developer friendly and support API options.
Provide the best user experience
  • Smooth customer checkout experience, beautifully designed layout for high conversion.
  • Automatically convert fiat currency to cryptocurrency at the real-time price at checkout.
  • Easy refund, and partial order resolve. Use any crypto wallet you want.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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