• Custom Price:
    $75 / month + map fee

About the app

Online firearm merchants take their obligations for ensuring public safety seriously. Yet, all the manual steps of compliance can cost you sales and administrative headaches. How many sales have you lost from frustrated shoppers?

This BigCommerce app connects you with the Refactored Group's Automatic FFL service which makes the sale of firearms simple by allowing customers to choose FFL locations to ship their products to and is fully customizable.

App Features

Superior user experience
  • Interactive fly-in Google map
  • No Google Maps API key is needed! No extra charges
  • EASY install in less than 5 minutes
  • No need to enter manually enter an address when purchasing only firearms
  • No Refactored Group or 3rd party branding
  • Choose which FFL locations your customers see and/or use the default
  • Only show FFL locations that are certified to sell firearms
  • Extremely quick and responsive
  • Customizable styling
Accurate by default
  • Force firearms to ship to certified federally-licensed dealers
  • Other items ship to one or more addresses
  • Based on the latest data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  • Real-time maps from Google
  • Non-receiving chains like Cabela's and WalMart are disabled by default
  • Adjust styling to match your site
  • You determine which products require shipment to FFL
  • Easily disable shipping locations from your list
  • Choose preferred locations to feature
  • Add custom information about familiar locations like store hours and rates
  • Import and export your list data for bulk updates
  • Automatic FFL never accesses customer information
  • List customizations stored on a secure server
  • PCI compliant
Coming Soon
  • Orders contain digital copy of FFL certificates

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  • Custom Price:
    $75 / month + map fee


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