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About the app

Avalara's AvaTax is a sales tax automation tool that allows you to spend more time growing your business, and less time figuring out which of America's more than 13,000 sales and use tax jurisdictions you need to be registered with, how much you need to send each one, and when you need to send it.

Download our Avalara AvaTax app, which integrates seamlessly with your BigCommerce website, and let us automatically calculate and track sales tax on your transactions.

Save Time: Rates and rules change too frequently to keep up with your own research. Connect to AvaTax and leave sales tax to us.

Sell in more places: AvaTax supports growth for your business, with calculations for 12,000+ U.S. sales tax jurisdictions.

Getting Started is easy: We built AvaTax so you can activate it from your BigCommerce store in just a few quick and painless steps.

AvaTax from Avalara. Sales tax done right.

App Features

Simple set up

Just click a button, make a few keystrokes, and within minutes you'll be ready to collect and remit sales tax in your home area.

Automated tax code classification

One transaction may have items taxed at several different rates. Just upload your product catalog and our software will do the calculation, collection and remittance.

Heat map

We track where your customers are and alert you when it's time to consider registering in a new state.

Avalara Returns for Small Business

Once you have Avalara, you can add Returns for Small business. Automated tax remittance and returns filing, designed for ecommerce sellers.

Avalara AvaTax Cross-Border

Once you have Avalara, you can add Cross Border calculation. Simplify calculations of duties or tariffs for your international buyers.

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  • Custom Price:
    Starting at $110 annual

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