Avalara Returns

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Avalara AvaTax already calculates sales tax within your BigCommerce store. Avalara Returns helps BigCommerce merchants save time and improve efficiency by managing sales and use tax filing, remittance, and notices. Whenever you file, you'll review your tax liability report and approve based on your sales order data from BigCommerce and other sales channels-- Avalara Returns will take it from there!

Save time with automated filing

Seamless AvaTax for BigCommerce integration

Returns imports your transaction data then prepares and submits all forms, along with payments, to each taxing authority.

Grows with your business, no matter how you file

Returns provides e-file, hard-copy, and Streamlined Sales Tax returns.

Automated, stress-free returns

Accurate, on-time filing and payment eliminate the burden of filing manually.

Easy record retrieval

Easily access current and previous years' records.

Simplify all your payments

Submit payment via secure ACH transfer, and Returns handles individual payments to each state and local entity.

Omni-channel calculation and filing

Talk to us about adding your other platforms so you can complete reporting and filing in one place, across all sales channels.

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