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Offload the high cost and hassle of returns preparation, filing, and remittance — with automation. Find sales tax returns automation solutions for businesses of all sizes from small businesses to enterprise-level companies.

Avalara can save you time and improve your efficiency by preparing and filing your sales tax returns. Whether you file sales tax in one state or several, Avalara helps you stay on top of varying deadlines, forms, and filing requirements.

  • Review your liabilities with sales tax reports by state and local jurisdiction
  • Increase your efficiency through automated return preparation
  • Save hours each month by letting Avalara handle filing in every state

Streamline your filing process and stay organized

  • Seamless integration with AvaTax for BigCommerce: There's no need to enter or upload transaction data, Avalara is ready to prepare and submit all forms, along with payments, to each state.
  • Grows with your business: Avalara can automatically prepare a completed PDF of the sales tax form for each state. Then, filing is as easy as printing and mailing the form, or you can file online yourself, using the prepared PDF as a guide. Or, you can opt to let Avalara handle everything, including filing and payment on your behalf.
  • Record storage and retrieval: Easily access current and previous years' returns.
  • Omnichannel preparation and filing: Talk to us about adding your other platforms and transactions so you can report, prepare, and file in one place, across your sales channels.
Get started today to see how easy filing can be with Avalara. Prefer to speak directly with Avalara?

Give us a call at 877-286-2149.

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  • Custom Price:
    Options and Pricing are on Avalara.com


  • Last updated:October, 19 2022
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