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About the app

What Do Customers Really Care About in E-commerce?

Our data shows that 4 out of 5 of visitors engage with either your search bar or your navigation and browse experience. Want to make an immediate, sizable impact on revenue? Invest in better product discovery to help customers find what they want.

Product Discovery is More Than Search

Backed by a commerce-specific AI engine that is powered with 12+ years of data, Bloomreach helps you create a sophisticated product discovery experience so customers can find and convert on products faster. Go beyond the search box with modules for advanced merchandising, and smart product recommendations.


  • Requires a Bloomreach Discovery license to take advantage of the features to inject the Bloomreach Search, Merchandising, and Recommendations APIs into your Stencil powered front end.

App Features

Proven Outcomes
  • Drive significant increases in Revenue Per Visitor
  • Improve the efficiency of your merchandising team
Industry Leading Commerce Search
  • Trusted by over 250 leading brands and retailers
  • Powering over 25% of US & UK commerce traffic
Key Search Features
  • Semantic Search
  • Autosuggest
  • Synonym Generation
Key Merchandising Features
  • Boost, Bury, Hide, and Pin with a Few Clicks
  • Facet Management and Re-Ranking
Key Recommendations Features
  • AI-driven, ready-to-go algorithms for Similar Products, Frequently Bought Together, Trending Products
  • Powerful rule-based recommendations for prescriptive and guided experiences

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