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  • Recurring Fee: None

About the app

Bread Pay is a full-funnel, white label financing solution that helps retailers acquire and convert more customers. Our tools have proven to reduce friction and improve conversion by engaging more shoppers throughout the funnel while creating a brand-consistent financing experience. With Bread Pay, customers can pre-qualify and apply for financing earlier in the shopping journey—empowering them with transparent financing options that increase their purchasing power and drive more sales.

App Features

Offer pre-qualification

Allow customers to pre-qualify for financing and check out anywhere on your site.

Get paid upfront

Get paid upfront in full. Your shoppers pay us over time, so we assume the risk.

Transparent terms

Offer transparent terms with no prepayment penalties or deferred interest.

Custom plans and offers

Create custom plans with loan products that meets your customers' needs.

Turn data into sales

Re-engage abandoned shoppers by gaining rich, actionable insights on customers.

Case Studies

Bread Pay™ Financing Helped The RTA Store Increase Average Ticket Size by 130%

By partnering with Bread Pay, furniture retailer The RTA Store saw an 8.5% incremental increase in year-over-year sales and 130% higher AOV for customers who used Bread Pay's financing compared to those who did not.

EraGem Enhances Omnichannel Experiences After Switching to Bread Pay™

Jeweler EraGem experienced 3x more in financed sales, 30% higher year-to-date revenue, and 17% higher AOV after switching to Bread Pay from another financing provider.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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