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Brex makes it easy to get your complete business account set up the right way, with credit cards, cash management, expenses, and accounting in one place. Open an account online in 10 minutes, and get an account number, routing number, and credit cards instantly upon approval, with no personal guarantee.

Brex doesn't charge fees to send checks, ACH, and wires—even internationally—and you earn cash back on each dollar you spend with your Brex card. With your credit, cash, and controls in one place, it's your financial OS.

App Features

Modern Financial Tools

Open an account online in 10 minutes. Get an account number, routing number, and credit cards instantly upon approval.

No personal guarantee. Get 10-20x higher credit limits than traditional corporate cards without putting your personal credit on the line.

Easy to manage spend. Scheduled and recurring payments, user roles, and approval flows keep spend in policy, keep payments on time, track trends, and speed up your team.

Build business credit. Brex reports your on-time payment information to major business bureaus to help you build up business credit history.

Uncapped rewards on all card spend. No fees on anything, just points on everything—like 8x on rideshare or 1.5x on ad

Built-in integrations. Save hours with QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite, Concur, Expensify, Gusto, and Rippling integrations.

Live support in minutes. Talk to our team by phone, chat, or email. We have a 95% customer satisfaction score.

FDIC-insured. Protect your cash with FDIC insurance up to $250,000 offered through Brex Cash program banks.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

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