• Upfront Fee: $500.00
  • Recurring Fee: $49.99/mo.

About the app

What does this app offer?

Our bulk order/wholesale app offers a fair amount of flexibility, giving you the chance to have your customers order from you in the most efficient manner.

  • Give your users a single page to order from with easy search features (List Mode) or a grid view on category pages (grid view), that brings additional functionality to your store.
    • Lazy load your entire product library in list view
    • Option sets are exploded to be a single order line item
    • Filter by keyword or category to refine display
    • Show realtime inventory
    • Provide wholesale specific sale prices (not available by default in BC)
    • Show product details without leaving the page
    • Custom sorting options
    • Default product category
    • Customize Filters
    • Lock the page behind Group(s) assigned or make the page public
    • Set a default customer group
  • Bulk assign product pricing for a given group for quick modification and custom pricing for groups
  • Create custom customer group discounts
  • Manage email settings to send welcome emails to customers who join your wholesale program. (if setup as default)
  • Bulk CSV upload for easy & quick changes to custom pricing
  • Limit quantities per SKU purchasable
  • Create minimum order requirements for specific groups.

Built on the backbone of our custom app framework, this app is powerful.

Currently we must install the app and charge a one-time $500 fee for these professional services. This includes the following:

  • Install our code into your existing theme
  • Style the custom page for list mode to match your site styles
  • Consult on the app abilities and ways in which you can set the app up
  • Provide training/assistance for staff members for the first 30 days of service or 90 days from first purchase

Monthly Price of $49.99/month

Additional features are added based on popular request/need. If you use our app and require a feature submit to

✓ Built on Amazon Web Services Hosting framework with Auto-Scaling technology, the server infrastructure is setup to ensure your app stays up as often as BigCommerce.

✓ Built in fall-back if our app fails, your site will still be operational. We make sure to focus on your sales and conversions first!

✓ Phone & Email support available.


App Features

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  • Upfront Fee: $500.00
  • Recurring Fee: $49.99/mo.


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  • This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.
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