Bulk Order & Wholesale for B2B

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What does this app offer?

Our bulk order/wholesale app offers a fair amount of flexibility, giving you the chance to have your customers order from you in the most efficient manner.

  • Give your users a single page to order from with easy search features (List Mode) or a grid view on category pages (grid view), that brings additional functionality to your store.
    • Lazy load your entire product library in list view
    • Option sets are exploded to be a single order line item
    • Filter by keyword or category to refine display
    • Show realtime inventory
    • Provide wholesale specific sale prices (not available by default in BC)
    • Show product details without leaving the page
    • Custom sorting options
    • Default product category
    • Customize Filters
    • Lock the page behind Group(s) assigned or make the page public
    • Set a default customer group
  • Bulk assign product pricing for a given group for quick modification and custom pricing for groups
  • Create custom customer group discounts
  • Manage email settings to send welcome emails to customers who join your wholesale program. (if setup as default)
  • Bulk CSV upload for easy & quick changes to custom pricing
  • Limit quantities per SKU purchasable
  • Create minimum order requirements for specific groups.

Built on the backbone of our custom app framework, this app is powerful.

Currently we must install the app and charge a one-time $500 fee for these professional services. This includes the following:

  • Install our code into your existing theme
  • Style the custom page for list mode to match your site styles
  • Consult on the app abilities and ways in which you can set the app up
  • Provide training/assistance for staff members for the first 30 days of service or 90 days from first purchase

Monthly Price of $49.99/month

Additional features are added based on popular request/need. If you use our app and require a feature submit to support@minibc.com.

✓ Built on Amazon Web Services Hosting framework with Auto-Scaling technology, the server infrastructure is setup to ensure your app stays up as often as BigCommerce.

✓ Built in fall-back if our app fails, your site will still be operational. We make sure to focus on your sales and conversions first!

✓ Phone & Email support available.


$500 upfront & $49.99 / month

Client Reviews (2)

Perfect For Wholesale Websites 5 months ago by ben...com https://caseys-distributing.com
We operate one of the largest licensed sports gifts and novelty websites in North America serving thousands of retailers. Our website was friendly to small quantity, very few product orders but was totally unfriendly to large wholesale orders - large, bulk-order customers did not like having to add products one-at-a-time to their cart. This app has solved that problem giving us the best of both worlds. We now have a wholesale website that properly handles large volume orders that replenish store inventories. Great job!
Does Not Work 8 months ago by jes...com https://www.lashstuff.com/
I had this app installed but it does not work. I have made multiple attempts to contact MINIBC customer service with no response. The customer service is basically nonexistent.