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About the app

What do we do?

ChannelEngine connects your internal systems with 200+ global marketplaces and 3rd party sales channels. The platform empowers brands and retailers to seamlessly connect to the global ecommerce landscape, automating and streamlining their operations, and opening doors to new markets and millions of new customers. We are the most complete, one-stop solution to doing more with marketplaces.

  • Connect your internal systems to different digital sales channels
  • Simplify the channel-integration process for brands and retailers
  • Allow businesses to make data-driven strategic decisions

Who are we?

  • Founded in 2013
  • Raised €5M in Series A funding in 2021, €45M in Series B funding in 2022
  • Aid in sale of 3 million+ products from 1,500+ brands on 200+ sales channels
  • Offices in The Netherlands, Germany, USA, Dubai, Singapore, Australia

What are the services we provide?

  • Over 200+ global marketplaces and sales channels
  • Internationalization through currency conversion, translations, and invoicing
  • Monitoring of competition and reseller price
  • Full centralized marketplace insights and control
  • Easily adding new channels through the same interface, and more

App Features

ChannelEngine Marketplaces

With over 200+ global marketplaces and 3rd party sales channels, your product is seen on the right channel across the world. Our current integration roadmap will see us add additional marketplaces in regions like APAC, The Americas, the Middle East and Africa in 2022 and beyond. We are committed to growing this list of marketplaces to ensure you can add many more global channels to your portfolio of sales channels.

These include marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Zalando, Catch, Laza, Shoppee, Bol.com, Walmart, to name a few.

ChannelEngine Repricer

ChannelEngine offers the option to reprice your products on several marketplaces, based on competitors' prices. When using the repricer, you can set variable price rules for your products based on the prices other merchants use. If those prices change, your prices change according to your settings.

Currently this feature is only available on certain channels, including Amazon, bol.com, and all Mirakl-based channels (e.g.: Blokker, Decathlon, fonQ, etc.), but more could follow – provided that the channel shares competition prices.

ChannelEngine mapping and distribution of product information

Intuitively, you can easily map your own categories and product details to the corresponding attribute of a marketplace. Connect the product content directly with the information available, or use advanced rules and replacement tags to generate the values needed. With our color-coded mapping, detailed validation, and feedback reporting, you will immediately spot where improvements are needed to optimize and boost your sales.

ChannelEngine synchronization of stock levels

When the marketplace's fulfillment center is out of stock, you can automatically continue selling from your own. You'll never have to turn customers away again.

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  • Custom Price:
    Free of charge within the ChannelEngine contract for existing clients. For new clients, contact us for tailored pricing.


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