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Seamlessly Add the Most Powerful Tool for Subscriptions to Your Store

Trusted by thousands of high-growth and scale subscription businesses, Chargebee is the best-in-class tool for subscription management and recurring billing: we've been named the #1 Finance and #1 Subscription Management tool by G2 in 2020 and 2021.

BigCommerce merchants can now easily take advantage of Chargebee's powerful subscription infrastructure to fuel recurring revenue streams with a streamlined integration that makes offering and fulfilling subscription orders easier than ever.

Establish, Retain, and Grow your Customer Relationships

With Chargebee and BigCommerce, you'll be able to:

  • Maximize growth by offering with the widest variety of purchasing options available, including offering your customers the broadest suite of payment choices available, gift subscriptions, and a wide selection of billing plans
  • Experience a step change in efficiency through automation of order generation paired with reporting insights that drive revenue optimization
  • Secure more of your revenue with dunning tools, email notifications, and more to reduce churn
  • Build customer loyalty with flexible subscription management options, built-in promotional tools, and a full complement of available customer support actions to delight and retain customers

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App Features

Flexible Subscription Options

Offer personalized options like customizable shipping and billing frequencies for subscribe-and-save, box, and membership subscriptions to find the model that best fits your business. Easily add to your product line, and increase customer loyalty and LTV by bundling subscriptions with add-ons.

Payment Options to Convert More Subscribers

Don't let payment options limit your business. Bill in over 100 currencies, capture payments from digital wallets such as AmazonPay, ApplePay, GooglePay, and PayPal, and offer popular local payment methods to increase conversion.

Revenue Recovery and Chargeback Management

With configurable and intelligent dunning options, you can dramatically reduce involuntary churn and maximize your subscription revenue, while Chargeback Automation can help you elegantly deal with chargebacks and minimize future disputes.

Analytics that Drive Growth

Examine revenue in real-time and derive insights about your subscription operations with billing, leakage, and transaction analytics. Survey multiple revenue metrics, customize MRR calculations, and export reports without any developer dependency. Focus on improving profitability and optimizing recurring revenue while we automate billing, reconciliation and revenue recovery.

Complete Data Integrity and Security

Your subscribers' data is highly sensitive, and you need a trustworthy partner completely committed to data security and compliance. At Chargebee, we are:

  • A PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider
  • Compliant to ISO, SOC 1 & SOC 2, and MFA standards
  • GDPR Compliant

Case Studies

How Vinyl Me, Please is making music purists happy, with Chargebee.
"Chargebee has been great to work with. They've helped us grow our business tremendously. They're always quick to respond and open to feedback. That's rare in my experience."
4x Growth in Revenue in 12 Months - the Incredible Growth Story of Superfoods Company
"Our philosophy as a company is to not spend months deciding the right price prior to launching a new product. We go with what we think makes sense initially and then use the Chargebee platform to A/B test and decide on the optimal price. Chargebee enables us to roll out a new pricing experiment in 30 minutes. We're also allowed to make mistakes and find the right pricing point that suits our customer segments."

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