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About the app

What are Charts & Graphs?

Charts & Graphs is a powerful data visualization generator that gives you the ability to create a great variety of charts and graphs with exceptional customizability.

Why should you Use Charts & Graphs?

Data displayed in your store needs to be as engaging as possible so store visitors don't miss out on critical information. With Charts & Graphs, you can easily create and manage interactive and responsive charts and graphs on your store.

Using Charts & Graphs on your store

A spreadsheet interface lets you manage data sets from your store and display that data as a beautiful chart or graph.

App Features

A wide variety of charts, including 3D charts

Select the best chart for your data visualization from a wide range of chart types. You can get all the charts you need in one place: bar charts, pie charts, area charts, stacked charts, radial charts, spider web charts, radar charts, and many more!

Easily create interactive charts from any CSV files

An awesome and time-saving feature of the Charts & Graphs Builder is the ability to import a CSV file to create beautiful visualizations. Instead of manually entering the data in, simply import a CSV file every time you make changes, and let Charts & Graphs Builder do the rest.

Update your charts automatically from a remote URL

One of the most powerful and robust features of the Charts & Graphs Builder is the ability to load the chart's data dynamically from a remote URL, such as Google Sheets, Github, etc. The visualizations on your store will automatically refresh and update as you update your remote data source.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $4.49/mo.


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