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About the app

Upsell product protection plans (extended warranties) to increase average order size & boost sales and margin.

When you offer warranties through Clyde, your business makes a margin on the sale of every extended warranty sold. With our autopilot margin feature, we combine analytics across all stores using Clyde to adjust contract pricing to drive the most additional revenue for your business.

Sell Online, B2B, and in-store – all with one app.

Clyde automatically connects to your store and manages all contracts and contract sales made through your website. You can use Clyde's web app for B2B and in-store sales.

What kind of protection will you offer?

We offer product coverage plans across a wide variety of products. We can cover electronics, appliances, jewelry, furniture, sports equipment, outdoor equipment, and general merchandise.

How does Clyde work?

Connect: Install Clyde's app.

Customize: Upload your logo, choose your color, and pick locations on your site.

Launch: Clyde matches extended warranty contracts to your products and launches them directly to your live store.

Sell: When your customer purchases a coverage plan they'll receive an email from Clyde with info about their contract and what to do when something goes wrong.

Everything you need to run a warranty program

Clyde drives sales without requiring any extra work on your end so you can focus on your business while we handle your product coverage program.

App Features

Increase order size

Drive additional revenue by offering product protection plans – also known as extended warranties – on your products.

Build loyalty

Boost conversions, give your customers peace of mind knowing that they can protect their purchases from issues & accidents.

Case Studies

Chili | Clyde Customer Stories

How Chili Technology is growing revenue and improving the customer experience with product protection.

EVO Gimbals | Clyde Customer Stories

"Clyde enabled us to offer protection plans to our customers without having to spend time or money on a complicated integration. And the added revenue from selling plans is a nice bonus to our bottom line. Clyde is a no-brainer." - Peter Coughlin, CEO

Customer Reviews

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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