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About the app

Cohley empowers the world's best brands to generate visual assets, influencers, and product reviews through vetted content creators. Through a Content Marketplace, Cohley helps brands scale high volumes of diverse, actionable content for a fraction of the cost. Cohley-generated assets, creator communication and recruitment tools, and performance analytics are housed all in one platform, making it easier for brands to leverage data-informed content strategies to grow their businesses.

App Features

Generate Visual Assets

From professional content to UGC, gain the licensed rights in perpetuity to visual assets at scale without losing creative control. Generate photos, videos, GIFs to use in your marketing channels and website content.

Form Authentic Influencer Partnerships

Partner with micro to macro influencers to power your digital strategy. Measure important KPIs like campaign engagement rate, impressions, media value, asset value and overall ROI with an automated reporting system in Cohley.

Scale Product Reviews

Whether you need real product reviews directly on your e-commerce site, or testimonials to repurpose across marketing channels, Cohley Product Review campaigns can start generating reviews within a week of shipping product.

Measure Performance

Use Cohley's performance analytics to understand which assets perform best. Use these learnings to optimize your content strategy and increase marketing ROI.

Case Studies

CVS Pharmacy - Seasonal Content

CVS Pharmacy wins with seasonal relevance

T3 Micro - UGC Generation

How T3 Micro generated the hottest content for the hottest hair styling tools

Hyland's - Influencer Partnerships

How Hyland's leverages influencers for social impressions and digital ad content

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