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About the app

About the App

Confer With is a live video shopping platform that with a click of a button connects your retail staff to website shoppers to give real-time advice just as they would in-store. Customers are guided across your product images, descriptions and videos in an immersive experience that connects directly to the checkout pages of your Big Commerce store.

What is Confer With?

Transform your e-commerce performance with Confer With, the industry standard for live 1-2-1 video shopping. We believe Live commerce is more than 2-way video, and with our solution you will achieve video call conversion rates beyond 29%, whilst reducing abandoned baskets by 32% and returns by 37%.

Confer With for Big Commerce

Confer With is a fully configurable widget that sits on the bottom right or left-hand side of your website, allowing on-site visitors to trigger a one way or two-way video call with you or your retail experts. Confer With connects to your product catalogue, inventory, and product assets such as images and videos. Inside the video call, you share your products with customers, adding them to a shared basket when they are ready to buy. This basket can be pushed to your Big Commerce basket to boost conversions and average order value, in turn getting amazing customer satisfaction.

Boost Sales, Revenue and Customer Satisfaction using Confer With 1 to 1 live video shopping

Confer With ensures your customers' needs are met throughout their shopping journey. It allows your team to inspire, engage and reassure customers about their purchase decisions in real-time.

This is particularly helpful when selling considered purchases (boosting conversion) and when there's an opportunity to cross sell complimentary products (boosting average order value).


  1. Convert: increase your direct to customer sales with live video shopping experiences.
  2. Average Order Value: Increase basket size with real-time video experiences and give tailored advice to your customers.
  3. Lifetime Value: Build an online shopping experience that's so enjoyable, customer keep coming back.
  4. Satisfaction: Get an empowered workforce and satisfied customers in one hit.

App Features


Match high value online shoppers with members of your team in real-time; this is possible on product pages, or via appointments. Sophisticated routing ensures your customers are connected to your best possible retail expert to ensure they get the help they need.


A richer live shopping experience enables your customers to connect with your team in a way that feels most comfortable for them, directly from your website, without having to install any application. Live video shopping allows for more collaboration in supporting the customer to choose the right product for them, subsequently meeting their needs.


Bring your website to life with an interactive and immersive, live 1-2-1 video shopping solution. Products are recommended, demonstrated and added to the customer's basket, increasing engagement on your website, whilst replicating the in-store experience that we all know and love.


Convert your online browsers into shoppers. All products in the experience are shoppable and can be pushed directly to your Big Commerce check out pages. See massive uplifts in sales from day one of installing Live 1-2-1 video commerce.

Case Studies

Confer With is a sales channel in its own right.

Like many businesses during the pandemic, Bridgman was forced to shut their stores for months. As Commercial Manager, Emma explains: "We were in very high demand because everybody was using their outdoor space, but with our shops closed the best way for us to show our product was to use a live selling channel".

Their mindset as a business to test and try new things also contributed to the decision to introduce live one-to-one shopping on their website.


Prior to Confer With, Snug's salespeople were sitting at home and unable to work due to the pandemic. They also didn't have a way to directly communicate and engage with their customers, aside from digital marketing efforts.

Matt explains: "Confer With was a great solution because it enabled the sales team to work remotely. They could continue to sell the products to customers from home, which they did very effectively. Now showrooms are open, it's allowed us to sell outside of showroom hours. In the evenings, first thing in the morning, early evening; it has extended the trading hours. Confer With has also allowed us to engage with the consumer and move the conversation from a light touch enquiry to a sale, increasing online conversions."

Digital Piano seamlessly onboarded Confer With’s Live one-to-one video shopping solution onto their website, with the help of Confer With’s solution consultants.

During the pandemic, Digital Piano saw an acceleration in interest of getting information and knowledge online as customers couldn't just turn up to a physical showroom. As Team leader Søren Nørregaard explains: "Being a hybrid type of business with online and offline appearance we thought that giving customers the same expertise online is equally important. We also believe that this is the future of retail, and given that less and less stores like ours exist, we wanted to be first-movers."

As an aspiring eCommerce business, they face similar challenges to most of us . Whether that be proliferation of marketing channels, evolving customer journeys, disruption to retail, multi-channel revenue attribution , market dynamics, a looming recession, how quickly products and the market can change. Yet even the complexities of the modern world, some fundamentals still hold true – there isn't a better shopping experience than walking into a shop and being met by a helpful colleague – Digital Piano decided to bring this personalisation to their online experience.


The challenge that Hughes previously faced was a common one; before integrating Confer With's platform, they were running a virtual shopping platform that consisted of many restrictions. The main one being, it was essentially a one-way video call.

As described by Henrico Doward, Hughes is an omni-company that sells to businesses, commercials, customers, and even offer rental services; they wanted to create an in-store environment with the same service, online. Their goal was to set themselves aside from regular online businesses and provide their customers with a unique and bespoke service.

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $133.00/mo.


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