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With email marketing from Constant Contact, it is easy for you to connect with your customers, and for customers to share your message with their networks. And the more customers spread the word about your business, the more you grow.


  • One-click editing
  • Free HTML email templates
  • Free personal coaching and support
  • Anti-spam checker
  • Social Stats
  • Affordable - start for FREE

Client Reviews (3)

Effective, Easy to Use, and Competitively Priced by Caitlin
After using Constant Contact for several months, I have yet to find anything truly negative about them. Trial Period. A+ After wasting part of their (insanely long) trial period, I realized that I had not put enough effort into trying their program out, so I paid for their basic email marketing solution. Since then, I have been quite pleased. If you're trying to hash out whether they're worth using, I would recommend that you come up with a rough email marketing plan prior to signing up. They offer a very reasonable trial period so that you can see the effectiveness of the campaigns, which obviously doesn't happen overnight. User Accessibility. A+ The program is simple to use once you spend a little bit of time in it. Obviously, every system is different, and you have to learn how to use it, but it's intuitive enough that you can start working right away and learn as you go along. This is crucial for me; I find that if a system makes things too easy to use right out of the box, I end up sacrificing important features for hypersimplicity. Pricing. A+ Pricing is reasonable for the selection offered. There are also additional add ons that you can opt into that are very reasonably priced, including Social Marketing Campaigns. Reliability. A+ I have yet to have an issue with CC over reliability. The website is always up, my emails are always sent, my email summary is always sent to me. I have been beyond pleased. Overall, I must say that my only "complaint" is more of a suggestion. It would be great if CC would partner with, say, Yotpo so that my after sale review requests were branded the way that my website and email are branded. Otherwise, I love everything they give me, and I absolutely recommend using Constant Contact.
Love it! Well worth every penny. by Matt
I tried one of the other free email marketing partners and very much disliked their layouts and templates. I decided to then try Constant Contact - who have been AMAZING so far. Not only is their site and templates easy to use, but their customer service is PHENOMENAL. I had trouble signing in when I first signed up and had to call for support. I was very pleased with the help I received, but even after that, I got follow up emails and calls just to be sure I was all set. This was before I was even a paying customer. Once I signed up for their paid plans, I spent the extra for them to design an email template that mocked my website. AMAZING again is all I can say. Happy all around. My emails look so professional and it's so quick to send each one. Flawless integration with BigCommerce and amazing service & website. If you're wondering who to use.. look no further.
by Dawn
We have been using CC for a few years and have been nothing but very happy. They keep improve their products, adding mail templates constantly and there is a ton of guides to read and learn about marketing in general and how to do Email marketing specifically. and now that it integrates with BC - there is no questions i would choose them (though i must admit i have not tried other malign providers)