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About the app

About the app

ConveyThis Translate is a translation application to help you make your website multilingual.

It will take just a few simple steps to integrate the app into your site. As a result on your site will appear a fully customizable language switcher that will provide instant translation into selected languages.

If you want to proofread your translation or make some corrections you can manually edit them through a simple interface. You can also hire a professional translator to make your multilingual content of a high quality.


  • no coding required for app configuration
  • registration with no credit card required
  • money back guarantee for all advanced plans
  • 90+ of the most popular worlds languages
  • professional translators accessible from your account
  • smart analytics to take control of you international pageviews
  • translation interface to edit translations (incl. meta text and attributes)

Our free plan has no expiration period so you can test all the features of the app and see yourself how fast and easy it is to switch from your current BigCommerce site to a world accessible one.

ConveyThis Translate team also provides dedicated support to all users.

App Features

Reveal the power of multilingual content

Your prospective customers who might choose someone else's site over yours due to a language barrier now will become your loyal customers.

Discover the most profitable markets through the analytic's dashboard

Learn where you're gaining the most valuable international customers from. Plan, customize and execute your international SEO campaign to that region.

Manage your translated pages and cut your losses

If your tests are telling you that some pages are not gaining any value while being multilingual, delete them and renew your limits for more valuable ones.

Leave the translation to someone else and concentrate on sales

Grant the access from your account to your colleagues and delegate to them the translation of the entire site.

Use the skills of true experts in their field

Hire professional translators from a translation agency with over 15 years of experience and provide the content of the highest quality.

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