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About the app

Manage all of your customer's inquiries from one place,including orders management and teammates control.If you are searching for all one solution for your e-commerce business - You came to the right place!

App Features

A True Timesaver:

-Cut Your Customer Service Time in Half!

-All of your customer's info in one place!

-Simplified messaging app interface!

-Advanced customization!

-Template replies for fast customer support!

-Attach tracking numbers & manage cases!

-View the customer's order or item query!

Customer support doesn't have to be complex - we make it easy:

-Keep better control of your support by sorting your messages into ticket types!

-Set your tickets to snoozed, pending, or resolved status - never leave an open ticket!

-Personalize your workflow with custom ticket types!

-Snooze tickets for later - don't forget them!

-Maintain a high response rate by automating replies.

From ticket types to teammates, we help keep your support organized:

-Quickly assign new tickets for a teammate!

-Attach notes to a conversation and tag your team!

-Sort your tickets by teammates,!

-Snooze tickets to remind a teammate later!

View the right conversations with the click of a button:

-Filter your tickets by type, status, date range & more!

-Add and filter with custom tags!

-Create custom filter views!

-Easy navigation with organized folders!

Multi Selling Channels:

Connect each of your eBay and Amazon accounts to 3Dsellers to manage every support ticket from our HelpDesk.

You can view all of your messages at once, or, switching between accounts is just a click away.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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