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  • Custom Price:
    Starting at $995

About the app

Create tabs on your Product Pages, organizing Product information into more readable sections. This highly customized add-on lets you choose the number of tabs and easily fill in and edit the relevant information. In addition to plain text, you can include charts, tables, videos, and more.

Work with an expert to identify which tabs will improve your customer's experience the most. Your developer will then modify your Product Description framework so that you can easily input the relevant information, all from the standard BigCommerce Product admin panel.


  • Technical specifications (spec tables)
  • Ingredients or nutritional information
  • Videos, gifs, rich media
  • Warranty information
  • Any additional information for your customers' benefit


  • Custom Tabs anywhere on Product Page
  • Merchant is responsible for population of information
  • Tabs can vary between different Products


  • Quick Installation (3-5 Business Days)
  • Fully Responsive / Mobile-Friendly
  • Works on ALL BigCommerce Themes (Stencil & Blueprint)
  • Added by an Expert BigCommerce Developer

The price for this add-on is highly dependent on the specific client requirements. Please contact us to review your requirements, and make sure that this is a good fit for your BigCommerce site!

Have questions or need something similar? Contact Us: IntuitSolutions.net | 866.843.4650

App Features

Interactive Tabs on Product Page

Work with our team to create interactive tabs on your Product Pages, allowing customers to easily toggle between different sections.

Better User Experience for Technical Products

Have to include a lot of complex Product Information? Make it easier to read with this customization.

Include Specifications Tables, Size Charts and More on Product Page

The content of your tabs doesn't have to be limited to text. You can work with your developer to include a specifications table, size charts, or videos and other rich media like gifs.

Improve SEO

This add-on gives you the SEO benefits of having valuable content on your page without compromising on user experience and readability.

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  • Custom Price:
    Starting at $995


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