Customer Group Restricted Payment Methods By Ebizio Checkout

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  • Recurring Fee: $79.99/mo.

About the app

The Customer Group Payment Rules Module of the Ebizio Checkout will allow pre-approved customers to access otherwise hidden Payment Methods on your Bigcommerce site. Pair with the Purchase Order Module to allow only pre-approved customers to place a Purchase Order at checkout.

Application Features

This module is perfect for B2B websites that want to enable pre-assigned customers to choose a limited-access Payment Method, such as Purchase Order, at Checkout. Configure your checkout to allow customer groups access to one or multiple payment methods, and/or select payment terms, all managed through our intuitive app.

Once an order is placed, the customer's chosen payment method will show on the order record in the BigCommerce dashboard, just like any other order.

Grow your online B2B business and grant limited access to Payment Methods for pre-approved customers with the Customer Group Payment Rules Module of the Ebizio Checkout.


Click the "Installation Guide" link in the right-hand column for instructions.

The Customer Group Payment Rules Module is part of the Ebizio Checkout. You will be prompted to install the Ebizio Checkout App, and then will need to subscribe to this module.

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App Features

Tailored Offering

Deliver curated Payment Methods to your customers at checkout based on BigCommerce Customer Groups.

B2B & Wholesale Payments

Cater to your B2B and Wholesale customers by offering them unique terms and 'pay later' Payment Methods, including Net Terms (15 / 30 / 60 / etc), Purchase Order, Payment on Delivery, and more.

Streamlined Process

Save your sales and fulfillment teams time by streamlining the ordering process.


Fully PCI Compliant integration with the BigCommerce checkout.


Compatible with all BigCommerce themes, in combination with the Optimized One-Page Checkout.

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  • Recurring Fee: $79.99/mo.


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