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Deck Commerce Order Management System (OMS) automates direct-to-consumer operations through the entire lifecycle of an order—from storefront to front door. The prebuilt extension with BigCommerce enables you to effectively manage and process omnichannel orders by leveraging the power of automated workflows based on business rules, smart fulfillment routing, and a real-time view of order history across all of your selling channels. Plus, with 60+ prebuilt integrations, Deck Commerce OMS ensures that your technology stack is built to handle the growth and agility your brand needs to reduce your manual processes and handle more sales and growth.



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October 30, 2023

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October 30, 2023

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App Features

Order Routing and Fulfillment

Implement a sell, fulfill, return anywhere model that increases both margins and customer satisfaction.

• Smart fulfillment routing for multiple warehouses, 3PLs, drop shippers, stores, etc.

• Split shipments and ship-complete workflows

• Capacity guards, proximity controls, and priority designations increase margins and secure SLAs

• Automated re-routing picks the next best fulfillment location based on smart logic

• On/off switch to quickly include or exclude fulfillment nodes from routing

• Ship from store made easy with pick, pack, and print on a single screen

Accurate Cross-Channel Inventory

Gain enterprise-level inventory control to optimize sellability, fulfillment operations, and inventory turns across channels. Provide accurate cross-channel visibility to your customers.

• Available-to-sell count updated in real time

• Inventory aggregation and allocation

• Safety-stock thresholds

Automatic Order Processing

Ditch spreadsheets and custom code and automatically process even the most complex orders with workflows built for direct-to-consumer growth.

• Automate the entire returns and cancellations process

• Real-time order import, aggregation, and processing automation

• Configurable grace period for order and item cancellation

• Custom product and manual review workflows

• Digital product selling (warranties, gift cards, etc.)

• Kits & bundles and complex promotions support

Transaction Processing

Automate processes for payment, tax, fraud, loyalty, and email/text integrations so your business rules are in sync with your customers.

• Tokenization with payment gateway (BrainTree, Apple Pay, PayPal, Klarna, etc.)

• Gift card purchasing and redemption

• Advanced and delayed capture

• Transactional emails

• Order review for fraud, personalization, etc.

• Confirmation services for loyalty, affiliate programs, etc.

• Compliance check (for regulated items, such as wine)

• Post-shipment visibility

Customer Service and Store Associate Portals

Provide superior customer service with a complete picture of your customers' orders and use tools that make it easier for customer service and store associates to manage omnichannel orders. Using another tool for customer service? No worries – we can sync incoming and outgoing user and transaction data from any API-based platform.

• View orders from all channels on a single screen

• Cancel entire orders and remove individual items

• Exception management and order flagging

• Customer appeasements

• Return management

• Multi-site, multi-currency, multi-lingual UI

• Single Deck Commerce instance supports all of your global sites

• Single sign-on integrations and Deck Commerce APIs for customer service teams using other servicing platforms

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